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Building A Private Blog Network: Beginners To Advanced Guide

A private blog network or PBN is a group of websites that are built to provide links to business sites in order to rank on Google. The business site could be any money website or your client’s website.

In this article, starting from basics, we will be going deep to guide you on how PBNs work and the strategies you need to opt while working on private blog networks.

Let’s start!

What is a PBN and How Does it Work?

A private blogging network is a quick and strong link building technique that marketers can opt to rank their business sites. It provides the authority to your website instantly and thus ranks higher.

However, these PBN sites aren’t linked to each other so that they won’t look related to the search engine.

Now you have two choices, either you can get a link from a PBN or create your own private blog network. Since a lot of sellers who sell PBN backlinks are spam and could hurt your website. So the better option is to create your own PBN.

If you don’t have any idea on how to build a private blogging network, then keep reading as this article has answers to all your questions.

A Guide To Build A PBN?

To create a PBN, you need to buy a domain, get hosting, and make it natural. LaunchCDN is a perfect platform to create your own private blogging network.

Buy Expired Domains:

The first step to start a PBN is to buy a domain that has already been registered. But why expired domains? This is because these domains already have been linked to some sites thus they have in-build authority in eyes on Google.

But finding a good expired domain is not easy. You’ll have to check for its metrics before buying. Get a domain that has a minimum of 30 referring domains, few backlinks, and has never been used for spamming.

Select Hosting For The Domain:

Selecting a hosting provider is a really important step. While buying a host for your sites, you need to be careful. If you host all your websites on a hosting panel, then Google with easily spot that and would ban your sites.

So it is necessary that you have different IP addresses for different sites. So make sure that you host your PBN sites on different hosts to look genuine.

Setting Up Your Website:

So for setting your sites, choose a CMS. You can use the same CMS for all your sites and Wordpress is best of all the other options. Use different themes for your sites to make them appear natural. Create a custom logo for all your sites and put different content in them. Your content must have a different topic and should be plagiarism-free.

Finally, create some backlinks and make the site looks real to Google.


I hope you have got a clearer idea of how you can build a private blogging network and utilize it to rank your money sites. Even though it is an effective way to rank your sites, also it is time-consuming and a challenging task.

You need to be careful while working on PBNs and should also maintain consistency to use them completely. There is always a risk if you want to achieve something, so take some challenging steps and fulfill your targets.

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