How To Secure Bitcoins – A Detailed Guide

As you know, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies as of date is bitcoins. If you are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, bitcoins is surely a good choice.

Exchanging btc to usd, using it to buy items online, trading it are all possible and easy. But, due to its popularity and challenges people face as they mine them, intruders try to steal it from others who are naïve and do not know how to secure their bitcoins properly.

This article will help bitcoin holders find success in keeping their bitcoins.

How To Secure Bitcoins

There Are Many Ways To Secure Bitcoins And To Name Some Of Them, Read Below:

Use A Very Strong Password

Anything online can be kept secured using a strong password. If your password is weak, intruders can easily break your security and access your account.

Bitcoins are kept in a wallet, and if the password you use is weak, hackers can access it and immediately move your bitcoin to theirs. It is highly recommended that you change your password on a regular basis so intruders will have a hard time tracing or detecting your password.

If you are losing out on passwords to use, you can consider sites where you can generate passwords.

To add, it is not recommended that you share your password to someone else. Sure, others think that their closest friend will not fool them hence sharing with them their passwords.

There is nothing wrong entrusting your password but to be on the safer side, keep it to yourself.

Putting password on a paper is also not recommended, as you may throw it and have someone else see it. To access your wallet, you only need your username and password and if this is known by someone else, accessing it will not be too hard to do.

Trust Your Bitcoins To A Reliable Wallet

There are many apps that offer bitcoin wallet services. They may seem all credible but not all of them provide their users with high level of security.

Make sure that you entrust your bitcoin only to a trusted app to keep it secured and away from possible chances of being hacked.

When choosing a wallet, you may want to look at the wallet’s ratings and reviews from their users.

Do Not Access Bitcoin Wallet On Public Computers

Wallets are best to access using your personal mobile, laptop or device. Accessing it on public computers may put the security of your bitcoins at risk. You may also want to avoid accessing your bitcoins using public wifi or internet connections.

Some take the chance of doing so, but unfortunately not everyone is successful securing their bitcoins after accessing their wallets using a public device.

Enable The Multi-Signature Function Of Your Wallet

By using this function, you are giving your wallet twice the security. If an intruder tries to access your money, he/she needs two verification to get into your account.

They may have the first information, yet they cannot go through if they do not have the second.

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