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Learn How To Clear Epson Error Code 0x9a From Your Printer?

The prime reasons for the occurrence of Epson error code 0x9a are the carriage trouble in movement or damaged system files.

Either of these can get you to see the error code 09xa. This post will make you learn about the various reasons and methods to resolve this error.

Reasons For Epson Error Code 0x9a

There could be various reasons that can cause a 0x9a error on the Epson printer. Among all other possible reasons, the main suspect is any damage in the Windows system files. The other possible reasons are listed below:

  • Any collection of debris, torn paper, screw, pins, or any other foreign object on the carriage.
  • Leaning or broken rails.
  • Displaced purge assembly
  • Dislocated wiper
  • Dirty encoder strip
  • Lose or displaced encoder strip
  • The damaged carriage drive motor
  • Faulty carriage belt
  • Damaged carriage gear
  • Faulty sensor or control board,
  • Broken print-head or carriage PCB
  • Deficient installation or uninstallation of required applications
  • Incorrect deletion of applications
  • A virus attack on your computer
  • Improper shutdown of PC

These factors can affect the Windows system files unexpectedly in any way. Furthermore, these corrupted system files can result in printer Error 0x9a on Epson.

However, there are some appropriate set of actions that can make you settle this problem. Continue reading to learn about various tried and tested troubleshooting steps to fix this error.

Troubleshooting Epson Error Code 0x9a

To fix the Epson error code 0x9a, you can choose between the following two methods. The following section will explain in detail about both these methods.

Method 1: Working with system Settings

The first method is to use the system options to resolve the Epson error 0z9a. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Reboot your system and login as an “administrator.”
  • Go to “All Programs” while clicking on the “Start” button.
  • Next, follow these clicks: “Accessories” > “System Tools.”
  • Select “System Restore” option; click on it.
  • Then you will see “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option in the new window and click on it.
  • Mind it; you need to go with the “Choose the latest system restore.”
  • Click on the “Next” button in the new confirmation windows.
  • The restoration process will take a little while.
  • Restart your computer and printer to ensure they read the restored settings.

In case the Epson error code 0x9a is still showing up; try using another method.

Method 2: Working with Printer Settings

The next thing that you can try your hands on is to check and work with the settings form the printer. Following read in detail what steps are involved.

  • Plug the power cable and turn off your printer.
  • Open all printer covers, including the front cover and back cover.
  • Remove the loading tray and all other removable parts
  • Inspect to find and clear any stuck object like any paper bit, staple pins, or any material.
  • Also, check if the carriage is moving; manually try to move it to check its movement.
  • Check the placement of the encoder strip. Also, clean it with a lit free cloth. Clean from both sides.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the printer driver from your system.
  • Reset your printer using the power key on the printer.

Now, again check for the existence of the Epson printer error 0x9a. One of these two methods should work for you.

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