How to Avoid Roku Device Overheating Issue

Every technology in the world has a tendency to go wrong. Nothing is permanent and which is why Roku Overheating is a very known issue. This problem has affected the experience of thousands of users.

Overheating in Roku can be really dangerous sometimes when you do not know how to handle the issue. It is very much vital to take the necessary steps to resolve the issue before it becomes very big.

Or just start taking these precautionary steps the moment you start to see warning signs on your Roku device.

Check the temperature of the device every now and then ad see to it, whether or not the device is running on an accurate temperature. It is extremely important that you must not ignore the fact, a high temperature can very much affect your device.

Whenever you are streaming content online on Roku for a longer period, there is a chance that it might start to get heated unusually.

Here are some of the solutions that you can follow in the instance when Roku is getting overheated. Touch and check Roku from time to time in order to ensure that your device is getting head.

Put Roku On Smart power strip:

Your device Roku is switched on all the time which means that the chances of its heating up are more. On the other hand, your device is going to run a little longer and without ant problem when you are starting it cold. But how do you do that?

You need to put your device on the smart power strip that cuts the power to everything you plug into when the TV is switched off. It is also going to shut the Roku down instead of running idle. This way you are cutting down the power consumption as well as increasing the time for which it is going to run.

Switch to a wired connection:

One solution that can be beneficial for you is to use the wired connection instead of the wireless one. Sometimes, when you are using your Roku through an Ethernet port, the chances of your Roku device of getting heated up is lowered.

In the wired connection, the power consumption is going to be much less than that of a wireless connection. Less consumption, the lesser is your device is going to heat up.

It may or may not be as fast as the Wireless connection but the solution is worth trying. It causes much less heat than the wireless one.

Set your device on its side:

When you are setting your device on the side, it is going to dissipate the heat. You might notice that your device can get uncomfortably hot from the top as well as the bottom. You may have to use the bracket in order to hold the device as some Roku Models cannot lean on their sides due to its design.

Make sure that you are using the bracket that is tall enough for the Roku Device to handle. This is for the devices with round sides.

Some devices of Roku out there has squared sides which would be found to set on their side. This step may reduce the Roku overheating issue.

Add heat sinks to reduce overheating:

Adding a heat sink as equal to the size of Roku might stand a chance to stop your Roku device from overheating. This is going to move the heat away and make your Roku very cool. It is one of the cheapest ways to make your Roku a lot cooler.

It is one of the effective ways to remove the heat from your Roku device.

Steps to avoid the Roku Stick Overheating

1. Power off your Roku Stick:

What you can do to avoid the overheating issue is that power off your device, remove all the cables and disconnect the device from the network. After a while, reconnect the cables and do not allow your device to run for a very long time.

This could be the reason for the Roku stick overheating issue.

2. Direct exposure of sunlight:

It is best that you are not exposing your device to the sunlight. It is suggested to keep the device at a place that is away from the sunlight. Perform time to time-temperature check for the device and shift the device to a place where the temperature is favorable and compatible.

3. Device reset or restart:

Some of the most basic steps include when you restart your device and it gets rids of most of the errors. If the restart option does not work, then you can go for the hard or a soft reset. It will Help you reset the settings of the device and this might be able to solve the issue.

If none of the above solutions works, then it is time when you need help from the Roku support center. They are going to tell you whether you should change the device or have to buy a new one for your entertainment.

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