Free download for CCNA Networking project on VLAN

Usually, it’s compulsory for graduating IT students to pursue 6 weeks training amidst their graduation period. After successfully completion of their training, they need to submit a running live project based on their training niche. [CCNA Networking Project on VLAN]

Among them, those students who have pursued their training in CCNA or networking field usually get confused on the topic of their project. Some of them start researching and some others surf internet for free CCNA Networking project available for download. After I pursued my 6 weeks CCNA training, I researched a lot on VLAN that is, Virtual LAN; but finally ended up searching over the internet for the same.

Free download for CCNA Networking project on VLAN

About this Project

This project consists of 2 files:

  • A .pkt (Packet tracer file) [Compatible in Packet Tracer version 5.3.1]
  • A .docx (Microsoft Word File) containing detailed explanation and synopsis about project


The project is based on Virtual LAN and Inter VLAN. A Virtual LAN (VLAN) is a broadcast domain created based on the functional, security or other requirements, instead of the physical locations of the devices, on a switch or across switches. With VLANs, a switch can group different interfaces into different broadcast domains. Without VLANs, all interfaces of a switch are in the same broadcast domain; switches connected with each other are also in the same broadcast domain, unless there is a router in between.

Usually in a network, Routers are needed to separate a sub-network from another sub-network which ultimately leads to smaller broadcast domain. But because of Virtual LAN (VLAN), one can easily divide an existing network into smaller broadcast domain networks using switches.

Read MS-Word file which is provided in project, for more detailed explanation.

Copyright Information

This project is available freely to everyone. There is no such copyright issue associated with it. You can modify, edit, recompile or distribute this project without any prior permission from the developer.

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