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The business arena has seen some changes in the past couple of decades and with the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G, we are about to enter a new dimension of digital tech. Of course, the big game-changer has been cloud solutions, which enables businesses and organisations to safely store their critical data on remote servers.

Irrespective of your chosen industry, migrating to the cloud offers many benefits, not least the ability to access your data from any location; all you need is a digital device and an Internet connection and you’re good to go!

Secure Cloud Network

When you make contact with a Toronto based cloud services provider, they create a secure network, which they manage and you and your employees can access data 24/7, while also updating files in real-time. This means your office staff no longer have to hunt down invoices and sales staff can access customer data while out in the field, boosting productivity.

Your secure network is administered by the provider and you have 24/7 support in more ways than one, ensuring that your business processes run smoothly.

Cloud Communication

You’ve probably heard the term ‘voice over Internet protocol’, or VoIP, which is a system to transmit audio and video via the Internet. Data is compressed and sent in blocks, which is unscrambled at the other end, enabling real time audio and video and that means you no longer have those high cell phone costs.

This is a significant saving on your operational costs, as you are no longer using a cell network. Office staff already have a good understanding of software applications and it wouldn’t take a couple of hours to familiarise them with a platform like Zoom. If you are into devices and gadgets, you’ll love this article.

Wireless Connectivity

With a couple of wireless routers placed in your office and the latest generation of headsets, you and your employees can enjoy real-time communication on the move. Zoom is one of the popular VoIP platforms that businesses use, which has some amazing features like a virtual whiteboard and file sharing, perfect for group collaboration or a virtual business meeting. VoIP communication ensures that everyone is on the same page and for a fraction of the cost of cell networks.

Essential Network Protection

We all know how prevalent cyber-crime is today; many businesses, small and large, become victims of hackers and with a local managed IT services company in your team, your cyber-security is sorted. The IT expert has an in-house team of ethical hackers who carry out penetration testing to see if your network holds up and if it doesn’t, they fix the loophole.

If you are not yet using a managed IT services provider, Google can help you locate a company here in Toronto and with their expertise, your business will benefit in many ways. Migrating to the cloud is easy when you have a professional team of IT specialists handling everything and in no time at all, your network will be up and running.

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