Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War – 6 Multiplayer Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War – 6 Multiplayer Tips

Call of Duty Black Ops is a fast-paced game you don’t want to miss, especially if you love the action types. There’re lots of confrontations, challenges, difficulties, and risky situations to keep you on edge. Even though Call of Duty games are always similar in some aspects, they have their unique features. For example, Multiplayer has unique game modes plus some of the previous ones. It also comes with maps that can accommodate the different formats that characterize the game.

So, if you wish to play the multiplayer with guns blazing and legs firmly on the ground, there are things you must do to adapt to it. In this article, we will share 6 tips that make the game easy to play. You can also grab some cold war cheats to simplify the processes for you. Check our tips below.

 6 Multiplayer Tips to Up Your Game

1. Acquaint yourself with the game

Some of the things you need to understand in Multiplayer include the Maps, the weapons, and the loadouts. Understanding what’s available will help you to strategize better. But you can’t do all that if you just jump right in. So, we recommend you play the Bot games to test everything out. You can practice without stakes by selecting the “Vs. Bots” on the lobby screen. The game may not be the real thing, but you’ll learn and understand the game to an extent before navigating the unfamiliar environments.

2. Never move alone

It’s not wise to leave your teammates and wander off alone. This is a surefire way of getting killed in the game. Call of Duty is a game that you must play with all the support you can get. So, it is best you play alongside your teammates to get more kills. Imagine spraying bullets from more guns than one on an enemy. Such a target will not know how the death came. Now imagine that you wander off and enemies offload their bullets into you. That’s going to be so annoying. So, team up and stick together always.

3. Secure the objective

Every game mode has objectives that players must secure or complete to win. Multiplayer is no different. So, when you’re playing, focus on completing the objective to win points. Many people usually flood around the objective location in the game, especially when the location is revealed. So, to kill more players, find them where the objective is and release some ammo even from a distance.

4. Don’t run always

Running is usually the fastest way to move in many games apart from using cars. But it is not always the best way if it’ll expose you to the enemies. For example, the sounds you make in COD reveals your location or how close you are to a target. If the enemy hears you coming, the chances of killing you will be higher for him. So, instead of making such mistakes, why not run when you must. You can crouch more than you run, even if it’s slower. At least you can get some kills without losing your head.

5. Adjust your loadouts

Without good weapons, it is difficult to win anything in Cold War. So, don’t jump into playing the game without ensuring that you have prepared your loadout. Take your time to choose some weapons you are comfortable with, especially after testing them on the bots. When it comes to Multiplayer, many players applaud the SMG and the XM4 rifle. You can also consider the Cigma 2 and the RPG-7 close by. Also, take your time to check the lethal slots, perks, tactical and field upgrades that will help you in the game. When it comes to attachments, you may have a limited option at the beginning. But also check it out. Also, note that you need XP before you can unlock some of the great items.

6. Avoid open spaces

No matter how great you are doing, always protect yourself. It is easy for an enemy to kill you in open spaces. So, avoid such areas but shoot from cover. On Multiplayer, many of the maps have abundant risky spots that can expose you to enemies. For instance, there are a lot of dunes in Satellite maps that snipers love to target. If you can help it, find the nearest wall or vehicle to hide while playing. That way, you can shoot and kill without dying in the process.


Multiplayer is unique and challenging like other Call of Duty game modes. It comes with new maps and modes that players need to understand and master. But don’t worry, our tips will help your team to emerge the winners. Just make sure you understand the game and choose the best weapons depending on your play style. Also, don’t ever wander off alone and use covers whenever necessary.

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