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Modern-day hotels are very much different from the traditional ones and managing their daily operations is a complex task to take care of. Finance and billing play an important part within the entire process and it takes in a lot of care and effort to make sure that they are managed in an accurate way.

Manual work by accountants might cause unwanted errors and can even cause a potential loss in the business. A hotel billing software automates the entire procedure, eliminates human errors and sends in detailed reports from time to time.

Top Hotel Billing Software

The hospitality business is a challenging take and to create a niche for yourself in this category, the right kind of hotel billing software can definitely prove to be a big game-changer. To be a part of this revolution in the hospitality sector, you need to pick the best hotel billing and management software. We have curated a list of the top hotel billing software available in the market, helping you to choose the best out of the rest.

1. eZee Front Desk

This hotel billing software is used by many leading hotels, resorts and boutique hotels across the globe. eZee Front Desk deals with over a million transactions on daily basis and can definitely be considered. The software has been designed in such a manner that it does rate management on its own which maximizes the revenue for hotel owners.

eZee Front Desk has a mobile application that enables the monthly reports to be received on a smartphone or a tablet. This software is also largely used for event management due to its versatility. You can sign for a 30-day free trial and if it fits the bill, the software can be purchased.

2. Cloudbeds

This is an all-in-one billing and hotel management software that connects your hotel property with channels like People who are willing to make reservations in the hotel can do so with their desktop or mobile device.

A distinct advantage of this billing software is that it integrates with all third-party apps and credit cards. The easy to use property monitoring system is another unique selling point of this software which makes it a worthy choice for many hotel owners.

3. Frontdesk Anywhere

This billing and hotel management software has been around since 2009 and is popular for its easy to use interface. The software also has a customizable availability calendar and hotel owners can also create personalized guest and travel agency profiles with the help of this software. These profiles can also be exported into the marketing campaigns and the positive feedback that customers have left for your services can be leveraged through the particular.

Frontdesk Anywhere is available in three editions i.e Basic, Pro and Enterprise and users can request a free demonstration before they decide to purchase the same.

4. Hotelogix PMS

In case, you have a small or a mid-size hotel, this hotel billing software is definitely for you. This software is being used by over 10,000 hotels all over the world. Hotelogix PMS has a single point dashboard and is a multi-device booking engine.

This software offers third-party integration with platforms like Trip Advisor, which makes it a worthy choice among the rest. Hotelogix PMS is available in nine different languages and works on a pay as you go model which makes it worthy, considering for users who wish to try the software before purchasing it finally.

5. Maestro PMS

This is an integrated hotel management software and brings different services like reservation, sales and property management under a single category. In other words, all hotel operations including billing can be done through a single dashboard. You can also host it on the cloud or install the same on Windows, as desired. As the software integrates different services under one fold, it is a great purchase for small and mid-size hotels too.

You will also get an integrated mobile housekeeping app with this software which definitely makes it a worthy purchase. As a hotel owner, you can either purchase it one time or enlist for a subscription-based model, as per the requirement.

6. MSICloudPM

This billing software has been around since 1990 and is a worthy pick for hotels that do not wish to invest in any additional management software. you will get access to automatic backup functionalities including on-site backup.

A unique aspect of the software is that it offers web-based instructor-led training which will help you to master the usage and implementation process in an accurate manner.

7. OPERA Property Management System

This hospitality software is available in three variants including premium, standard and lite variants. You can get it in both cloud and installable versions. Besides billing, this software also deals with other aspects like profile, accommodation and housekeeping management. Opera Property Management System offers multi-language and global currency support which makes it of particular relevance, especially when managers need to deal with foreign guests.

8. Hoteliga

This is an intuitive cloud-based hotel billing and management software. Multiple tasks like preparation of invoice, reservations and customer management can be controlled through the click of a button when this software is put to use.

Hoteliga supports multiple currencies from all around the globe, making it easy for managers to cater to their international clients.

9. SkyTouch Hotel OS

This billing and management software can be run through multiple devices like desktops, tablets and smartphones which make it accessible, even if the users are travelling. You can easily manage real-time operation monitoring and inventory management when SkyTouch OS is put to use.

Final Words

A hotel billing software makes the entire accounting task a lot more comprehensive and easy to handle, facilitating quick business and regular analysis of profit margins. We hope that the list was useful and you finally got to choose the one which will help your hotel business to grow in real-time.

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