Best Apps That Support Playing Retro Games

These days retro gaming is in serious incline and the number of gamers has reached millions! But, how you actually play retro games? The answer is extremely simple.

You can play these games on any device you like, even your smartphone. All you need is an emulator or an app for a smartphone and game (ROM). Here are some of the best smartphone emulators you can find.

1. John NESS

John NESS and John GBAC are similar emulators developed by the same team for different operating systems. The first one offers you the ability to play SNES and NES games while the second is used to play Game Boy based ROMs.

In both case scenarios, you get a solid build, advanced emulator with all the features and options you can think of. For example, there is support for save and load game, cheats and also fast forward mode.

The emulator has a massive compatibility rating and honestly, you will have a hard time finding a game that doesn’t work. This is a premium emulator with an available free variation.

2. RetroArch

It is difficult to explain the RetroArch. In a nutshell, it is the most advanced and the most complicated emulator out there.

It can be used for any platform or any console you wish to emulate and it can offer an amazing list of features and additional options.

The secret is in cores. Each core is a separate emulator designed for a special console. What this means is that you can download core for NES games. Another core will be used for SNES games and the third for Game Boy Advance.

There are no limits on how many cores a user can install and use. After the cores, you have to download games and enjoy. All standard and well-known features are supported and they run perfectly without any issues.


Perhaps the name of this emulator is extremely complicated. However, it is PSP emulator and it is still being perfected.

The available version supports a massive list of ROMs, there are no issues of any kind, except minor bugs and all standard features are supported.

The emulator is available in free and paid version, so you can choose the one you like the most. The free version comes in a form of free trial where you can check all the settings and all the features before buying the full version.

4. MyBoy

MyBoy is an emulator for Game Boy Advance. There is a similar version for Game Boy which is known as My OldBoy. All you should know is that the emulator is compatible with almost all the games and comes with a free or paid license.

You can pick the one that suits you. Features available are standard (load, save, fast forward, cheats and etc.) and they are available in both versions of the emulator.

However, you may need premium version to get more advanced features. An interesting ability is to sync the files with Google Drive making the entire process much easier and simpler.

5. SuperRetro16

SuperRetro16 is SNES emulator that has been with us for a decade. It isn’t easy to find but once you find it, you will love it.

The software offers fast forward, load and save features and on-screen controls, all the basics. But, users can use and customize countless performance and graphics settings and optimize the emulator precisely as they like.

Some of more advanced features allow you to store the games on the cloud, to save game files on cloud as well and also to enjoy future features considering that the emulator is still in development.

It has been updated countless times and each new version is better than the last one.

The final word

These emulators can assist you to play all the games you like and using only your Smartphone.

The best fact is that all of the apps here will work on almost any device you may own, but for better performances you will need a better smartphone. There is no need to waste your time mentioning that ROMs are mandatory.

An emulator is used to open and launch the ROM files and simulate the console operating system.

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