iPhone and Smartphone Repair – Things to Look for

For most people, their phones have become a constant companion. In fact, these devices are so important that most people have all their important stuff on their phones.

This is why people often panic when their phone is stolen or when it develops some sort of fault.

They worry that they’ll lose all their data, passwords, images, work stuff, bank information, and asset details. There’s so much information on the average smartphone now than an entire room of books.

Unfortunately, because they are no indestructible –an indestructible phone would be nice, wouldn’t it?

These devices can be damaged. The common causes of damage include dropping the phone, mistakenly sitting on it, dropping it into the water – although there some water-resistant phones now and much more.

The point is when your phone becomes damaged, you want a phone repair company that will help fix it and restore it back to its previous state. However, because there are many repair shops, choosing one can be difficult.

You don’t want to choose an incompetent smartphone repair shop that ends up just patching up your phone or even worsening its already delicate condition.

This is why you need to look out for the following in any repair shop you decide to take your phone to for repairs.

Things to Look for Smartphone Repair

1. Affordability and Cost

We’re not saying that it has to be dirt cheap. In fact, unusually cheap repair costs are a red flag –unless they’re having a sale or discounts. However, you want a service that’s affordable and pocket-friendly.

So, weigh your intended smartphone repair shop’s prices. What we recommend is to have a list of good repair shops, and then compare the quotes. Most shops have competitive prices, which means that their price difference may not be significant. The one thing you want to avoid though is a dealer store.

For example, if you own an iPhone, having it repaired at an Apple Service Center is definitely going to cost you a lot more than if you were to take it to stores like Computers R Us. The same goes for any other flagship phone.

But, if your phone is still covered by the warranty, then there’s really nothing to be worried about. The cost of repairs will be covered by the manufacturer.

2. Speed and Effectiveness

For most people, going for days without their phone is almost impossible. Phone brand repair centers tend to take their time with your repairs. And this may not be satisfactory for you.

This is why many people prefer repair centers that can fix their phones almost immediately. In fact, most users would rather wait to get their smartphones on the same day, after it’s repaired.

So, choose a repair shop that understands this and prioritizes speed, without compromising on efficiency. Your repair shop should be able to speedily attend to your repairs, without cutting corners or doing a poor job.

So, if your intended repair store doesn’t offer this option, you might want to check for those that can do the repairs quickly. Or better still, see if you can work out a timeline that works for everyone.

Some stores may be big on speed, but have too many repairs to do. So, if the repair center has a good reputation, but needs a couple of days to get the job done, and you can live with it, you might want to go with them.

But, if you have an alternative center that can do an equally good job within your time-frame, that’s even better.

3. Ease of Access

Can you reach their support? Do they have good customer care? Are they easy to reach? An affirmative answer to all these questions is highly important.

You don’t want to have to drive across town just to check on your phone’s repair status just because you couldn’t reach them, only to be told your phone isn’t ready. So, make sure of their ease of access before you decide to take your phone to them for repairs.

4. Certified Technicians and Expertise

Whether you’re repairing an iPhone 11 Pro or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, you need an in-house expert who knows what they’re doing. So, look for certified technicians and phone repairers.

So, better to hand over your iPhone to someone who is an expert at repairing Apple devices. The good news is most of these stores have great phone repair specialists who only work with certain OS or brands.

5. Guarantee for Repairs

If you’ll be paying for repairs, then they’ve got to be covered by warranty. Most good phone repair centers provide warranty on parts and service. This shows that they’re sure of their service and parts.

All high-quality phone repair centers offer this. So, if any of those parts fail or the repair they fixed recurs within the stipulated warranty period, you can go back to them, and they’ll replace the parts or fix the phone at no extra cost to you.

These are the qualities you should look out for in any smartphone repair center you choose. Good repair shops will easily meet all these requirements.

Good luck!

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