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5 Types of Content That Attract Links Naturally

Content marketing has emerged one of the key SEO strategies that deliver effective and sustainable results for websites.

It is also recognized as the mainstay of link building because quality content is what gets you backlink’s naturally and effortlessly.

Additionally, the fact that such links go a long way in strengthening your link profile makes them even more desirable for businesses. But before you move ahead with spinning plans for creating content-based backlink’s, it is important to understand the type of content that would really work.

Here is a list of the types of content you should focus on to attract backlinks naturally

1. Infographics

One of the content types that are prioritized for link building is infographics. Since these pieces are visually appealing and offer juiced-up versions of normal images, they are revered for their shareable value.

Further, the use of quick-hit stats and facts make them interesting and easy-to-recall for the audience. Link building Experts at OutreachMonks suggest that the designs of infographics should be handled by a seasoned graphic designer who can play with the imagery. Nonetheless, the content should be impactful as well.

2. White papers

White papers are rich content resources that have the engagement value to an extent of driving action from the customers. These are created to serve in-depth information on topics that the audience would be interested in. These valuable pieces to fulfill the objective of creating credibility for the brand and solving the pain points of the customers. The content is holistic and long-form, which is the reason that it has the potential to attract authoritative links for your website.

3. Webinars

Another way to earn quality backlinks for your website is by creating a webinar that covers something which your audience is most likely to be interested in.

The fact that it highlights the domain expertise of your business and team makes a webinar a powerful content type. Since the information you share in a webinar is valuable, it is shareworthy and has high engagement value as well.

You can try using unconventional tactics such as featuring an influencer in the webinar to make it more effective.

4. Videos

As video content becomes a search engine optimization trend, it also emerges as an excellent tactic for link building via guest blogging. Videos undoubtedly have a good engagement value as they can connect with the audience.

When you leverage videos for link building, focus on creating something relevant yet unique so that the users prioritize it over thousands of similar videos online. How-to videos make a great option because they resolve a pain point and generate audience interest too.

5. Guides

Like how-to videos, guides are also great for earning backlinks naturally. These are long-form content which covers in-depth details of specific topics, while examining them individually.

The best thing about guides is that they can rank holistically for an array of related terms. This makes them a powerful link building tool for businesses.

As a rule, brands need to offer valuable content, whichever form they choose to create links. The more you offer to the audience, the more your links will be valued by Google. Such links comprise a natural backlink profile that gets your business to the top without much effort.

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