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Why Team Building Activities Might Be Useless For The Organization

When you announce to your employees that there will be team building exercises, it is a day that most of them will look forward to with much anticipation.

It could also be a day which some of the employees might dread more than visiting a dentist for a tooth extraction.

When done right, team building can bring various people together to create results that are fantastic thereby improving productivity. But when done the wrong way, it might create the opposite results.

Here Are Some Things That Could Make The Activities Of Team Building To Be Rendered Useless

1. The Achievement Results Might Be Short Term In Nature

Most of the teams will return to their base immediately after the team building events are done with.

Even when the efforts in the team building are extensive, the return to baseline could be in less than 60 days or even less.

What it means is that the teams need to include the team activities in their day to day activities in order for it to be more beneficial.

2. It Might Be A Costly Process

If you are taking time away from work to do the activities, then you are losing productive time.

Apart from paying the cost of the event or activity, you will also pay the cost of labor for the entire team though they are not productive that particular time.

There is no way an employee will accept to spend their time with other employees doing team building activities and not be paid.

3. There Is A Requirement For Enough Time For The Employees To Be Comfortable With The Exercises

In the organization, you will have extroverts who will jump into an activity without much thought.

But for the introverts, they require enough time to get used to a certain activity before they can freely engage in it.

Most people will require time to familiarize themselves with the team-building process, meaning most of the activities needs to last for at least, a full day.

4. There Are People Who Don’t Just Work Well With Others

There will always be some people who find it hard to work together with others. When you force such people to work in a team-building activity, it might not just come out well.

If you don’t watch the activity keenly, you might find resentment getting built throughout the efforts of team building instead of building positive vibes.

With the many pros and cons of team building activities, it shows that it is something that can achieve more positivity as long as greater communication and productivity are plunged into it.

As long as you allow the team to be creative and independent to work without having to interfere so much, it is likely going to be a success and helpful in improving the workplace.

You don’t carry the rules and regulations of the office to the venue of team building. Leave team spirit and free will to rule the air and the chances are that, it will be successful.

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