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Want to Rank High in the Google Search Results? Know How

In 2020,  the American Economy has seen all the aspects of the COVID-19. The businesses were badly shattered and struggled hard to survive. A survey confirmed that around 20.5 million Americans lost their jobs during the recession. However, there were businesses who survived during this hard time. Not only this, they even saw a sudden increase in the online sales and traffic. How?

Well! This is because of digital marketing. The implementation of  the digital marketing strategies allowed them to survive during the pandemic, while connecting to the masses effectively. You might be curious to know more details about digital marketing tools and how it gets more traffic? Well! They make the use of the marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, analytics tagging and segmentation, to sell the products. Before we tell you about its different tools let us tell you about what exactly digital marketing is.

What is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process to promote your brand and reach your target audience, using online platforms. For example messaging, video apps, email marketing, podcasts etc.

Different types of digital marketing

There are hundreds of techniques that are being used by the experts to create brand awareness. Here, in this blog post, we have mentioned the top four digital marketing techniques.

  • Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in digital marketing. It increases your brand’s online presence, ultimately increasing your traffic, conversion rate and ROI. It all begins with finding the right keywords to rank for in search results before your target audience. Then the content, both on-page and off-page are optimized with these keywords. Further, content marketing is used to add the value for your target audience. As a marketer, it is very important to educate your audience with the quality content. It inspires them and attracts them to a particular brand. If it is B2C, the content means the guest blogs, social media posts, texts, pictures and multimedia. If it is B2B, it mainly includes educational content such as white papers, webinars and reports.
  • PPC: Pay per click is one of the powerful tools of digital marketing that marketers are using. We often have seen the Google adwords and the Bing ads coming across our systems, which might appear as the natural search results. However, these are the paid search advertising. With PPC, it is quite easy to rank high based on the keywords and demographics.
  • Mobile Marketing: The smartphones play a huge part in our lives. With the increase in smartphones, the ads and campaigns are more likely to be seen by the users. This is the reason why more and more digital marketers are adopting mobile marketing. The techniques include  app-advertising, text messages, social media apps etc. With mobile marketing, a brand can reach a large group of people at any place. On top of that, it is very cost effective and has the chances to go viral.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is a field in itself and is a perfect medium to engage and interact with your customers. It allows a brand to have a two way communication and broadcast the messages to a larger audience. With the opportunity to know about the customer behaviour, a marketer can easily have higher conversion rates and have more inbound traffic.

Every business owner wants to stay in the business and earn profit, irrespective of the emergency situations. With the hardships of the pandemic, it was quite difficult to expand the business operations. However, reaching a brand’s vision is no more a problem with the latest digital marketing techniques.

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