Top Tech to Help You Move

Moving house is possibly one of the most stressful events most people could ever imagine. It does not have to be this way, though, particularly if you manage to successfully prepare yourself (headspace included) in advance.

Some people are natural planners and organizers; others would rather just leave every duty to the last minute and see how it goes at the time.

No matter which side you happen to be on, getting all the help you can get during the move is a must, and sometimes, that might mean turning to the world of tech.

Here are some ways in which tech can help you move, and in what forms it might take.

Time Management Software

Working to a timeline is a staple of the moving process, and one that can not only be nerve-racking, but hard to stick to.

By getting hold of a dependable time management app for your phone, you may be able to better visualize your schedule, thus making it easier to work with.

Vehicle Transportation Platforms

If you need to move vehicles to your new home, there is no need to do more trips than necessary when there are some great transportation options that can do it for you.

For example, say you were moving to a new state and did not have the room or time to take your motorcycle with you, then you could check out a great platform like Shiply, as they would be able to find you a motorcycle shipping quote in the blink of an eye.

Tracking Devices

In an effort to not lose any of your extremely valuable possessions, you could always consider taking a leaf out of the spy’s playbook and begin utilizing a tracking device.

Don’t worry, this isn’t weird, and Apple even makes a neat little device called the Airtag that you can attach to your stuff and keep track of it.

If you had any particularly fiddly items, this might be worth a shot. You can even just leave the device in a bag if you want to find out where your items were during transit.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

While virtual and augmented reality may seem like a folly from the future, it is very much a tech of today, and very useful in the right hands.

For example, say you were moving into a new house and did not know whether or not your favorite dining table would fit; instead of taking the risk and then wasting money on moving it, or selling it altogether, you could use a VR program to organize your new space before you even put one foot through the door.

This freedom offered up by VR solutions could be ideal for anyone wishing to cut down on some of their possessions before moving in.

Google Maps

This may sound obvious, but checking Google maps to get a greater understanding of the surrounding neighborhood could help you out greatly before the move, as you can familiarize yourself with the area, perhaps even finding a well-deserved cocktail bar to try out after you complete your big transition.

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