Meeting and Conference Internet Solutions

Today’s customers are no longer won over by foods, drinks, good services, and entertainment alone.

WiFi is now playing a big role when it comes to satisfactory customer experience as 60% of people claim that they will more likely go back to a restaurant offering an internet access for free.

Although customers may consider WiFi as a bonus to their shopping and dining experience, savvy meeting and conference organizers today see it as a good way to boost customer relations and promote the event.

The very first move is to make sure that the moment the attendees log on to the secure WIFi service using their contact details, it is important to do this via the log in page that features the event itself.

After the attendees have been logged in and they have provided their contact information, there are many other ways for you to use the data in order to have a direct engagement with them.

Sponsorship and promotions

Attendees who use your WiFi means that you have the potential of directing them to different pages to endorse promotions and maybe offer them other services or products.

The same approach can be used for third party advertising through directing guests to the sponsored pages to make the WIFi a good stream of revenue.

Strengthen the marketing channels

Acquiring the mobile numbers and email addresses during the login stage will allow you to add the customer details to your won direct SMS or email campaigns where you can push promotions and offers to.

Maybe your business has its own app where customers can be directed to. You can use your WiFi solution from for building on existing marketing channels or creating new ones to increase customer loyalty and boost brand exposure.


Unhappy attendees might never have any issues sharing about their experience to other platforms but it is usually a struggle to gain positive feedback. You can direct attendees to a URL that can nudge them to give your event a review.

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