Is Kodi Exodus Legal? All You Need to Know

Developed and released in the year 2002, Kodi is a free open source media player software application. Kodi was initially developed by XBMC Foundation. After the official commercial release, Kodi became available for all kinds of operating systems.

Kodi got major popularity for converting your boring device into a media center with just one click. Now comes the part where Exodus got patched with Kodi and became an unofficial Kodi add-on that allows users to watch videos online.

Now after Kodi got Exodus as an external add-on, a common question got into the mind of the users that Is Kodi Exodus legal?

Important: Before You Go Ahead, Get Secure

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What Kodi Exodus exactly is?

As mentioned earlier, Kodi is an open-source media and entertainment platform and Exodus is an add-on for this platform. Basically, there are two main versions of Kodi Exodus add-on.

Exodus was initially developed by a team called Cold Fire. The developers at Cold Fire kept the software updated till last year. After that, the team of Cold Fire left the Exodus project. Since then a team of volunteers is running and maintaining the Exodus project.

These two versions are known as Exodus Redux and Exodus V8. The two versions are operated by two different developing teams and also differ in the user interface. If you compare the two versions, then you will find that Exodus Redux is more popular than the other one.

But generally, the word “Exodus” implies both of its versions Exodus Redux and Exodus V8.

What Kodi Exodus consists of?

Kodi Exodus is an open-source video streaming platform. Generally, when you first install the application there is no content or video in the dock. You possess the responsibility to fill up the application with movies, TV shows, documentaries, and many other things.

Here you get the privilege to choose from a huge range of online movies, TV series, cartoons, etc. In this application, you will get all the latest episodes of popular TV series and also some of the classic old movies and web-series.

Each and every video consists of a list of different sources. Therefore, if one source link is unable to pay the video, then you can always go for the second one and many others.

The major advantage of using Kodi Exodus is that you get all of these things for free. From downloading the application in the first place to streaming online videos, everything is completely free of cost.

Is Kodi Exodus Application legal?

There are several controversies regarding this question and it is of course not a straightforward question to answer. As of now, to my knowledge, there is no fixed law that has yet been made against the streaming of Copyrighted content.

There is no doubt that Kodi itself is a legal media player and it is available in different App stores for both Android and iOS. Now, this a confirming statement that Kodi is not illegal otherwise these application stores will never host an illegal app.

Now, the question of illegality comes because of the external plug-ins or add-ons such as Exodus and there are hundreds of them. These add-ons allow access to copyrighted content for free.

Though there is no fixed law against playing and streaming copyrighted videos and content but it does not mean that playing licensed content for free is legal.

Rather you can get yourself in trouble if you are not using proper security and protection (like VPN) while accessing these kinds of applications.

Now, getting back to the previous question whether Kodi Exodus is legal not, you can say that the answer depends upon some factors like is the content legal? Is the add-on legal? And like this many more.

So, let us discuss a little bit about the illegality of Kodi Exodus.

Is the Content of Kodi Exodus legal?

Well, the straight forward answer to this question is no. Firstly, you have to understand one thing about Kodi Exodus is that the application itself does not host any of its own content. It provides links and sources for the various entertainment videos.

Now you can say that some of the contents are legal as the application contains some video contents which has been released for the public domain.

The people or uploaders who upload the videos or video links copy the video content and add links to various hosting sites. This process is illegal in most parts of the world and in some places, you can even go to jail for this kind of practice.

Is the Exodus Add-on legal?

This point has already been discussed in the earlier sections. The best one-line answer to this question would be, “If the host is legal and the add-ons it is using are illegal then the host software itself becomes an illegal software. Just like in the case of Kodi Exodus.

Kodi is not an illegal platform, but the add-on “Exodus” which is mainly responsible for streaming videos online for free is illegal. That is why the world sees the Kodi Exodus software as illegal software.

And we can say this for sure because Kodi Exodus failed the laws of the government when compared against the principle guidelines like

  • Yes, the add-on is promoting illegal copyrighted videos.
  • The add-on does take positive steps to foster infringement.
  • The application conducts purposeful.

During the time of the landmark case, the Supreme Court of the United States developed a rule called “inducement rule”. In this rule, the government stated that,

“ We hold that one who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe copyright, as shown by clear expression or other affirmative steps taken to foster infringement by third parties.”

“The inducement rule[…] premises liability on purposeful, culpable expression and conduct, and thus does nothing to compromise legitimate commerce or discourage innovation having lawful promise.”

As Kodi Exodus is illegal, it is quite important to know how to use it, if you want.

How can you use Kodi Exodus?

Though Kodi Exodus is illegal, still there are lots and lots of users out there who are already using Kodi Exodus and will surely continue to use it.

Now, if you are so determined to use Kodi Exodus, then it is recommended to use a VPN. By using a VPN, you can secure your browser and IP address before you log into Kodi Exodus.

Without a properly secured network, you can get into some real trouble. This is because your ISP can track your Id and copyright lawyers can track you down.

A VPN will always keep your identity private. Thus, you can access Kodi Exodus or any illegal application anonymously to avoid government jurisdictions.

VPNs will also keep IP hidden even if you are watching some video content online and keeps you on the safe side.

So What to do (Use it or not)?

You have got the answer to your question, right?

Yes, you do.

Kodi is legal. But when Exodus comes into the picture as an add-on then the whole application gets illegal.

Apart from the questions that we have discussed above, there are several questions that users often search for like Kodi Exodus not working or how to fix Kodi Exodus issues?

Despite being illegal, you can watch all types of online streaming videos in Exodus.

As nothing serious has happened up till now or no such legal actions have been taken for watching video content using illegal streaming applications, so you can use Kodi Exodus for your purpose.

But before using Kodi you should ask yourself one question, “ is it worth risking your freedom and your life just for the sake of watching movies online and without paying for it?”

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