Innovative Games on IOS Play Store Which are Must Play

It doesn’t matter from what age group you belong to, whether you are an adult with the strict job or a businessman affiliated with any kind of profession, IOS games are made diverse in their categories which are made playable and suitable for any age group.

There are thousands of the IOSgames uploaded every year in all the categories.

IOS games developers put their great effort to make such games which would be convenient for any age group instead of the only particular audience of children and teens.

This is one of the particular reasons for their top place in the competitive market.

Some of the most top rated IOS games of 2018 discussed below which are well-recognized for their amazing graphics and features and gaining public appreciation.

1. Dandara

The name of the game is inspired by the main character of the game “Dandara” who is considered to lead the destructed world and save the isolated humanity from the violent oppressors.

Dandara will take you to the mysterious universe where you would have to face many enemies and difficulties. You will get the chance to take energy through base charge weapon.

2. Ever Garden

In Every Garden, you will have to cross interesting puzzles. In every level, you have to make flowers by combining one with another to make a more giant flower.

You will be allowed to plant seeds and grow them into mature plants. The plant will be larger than the other 10 times after every round.

The number of the flowers can be increased by evolving a flower to its maximum level. It will give rise to a stone which having structures like incredible qualities that can’t be destroyed.

There will be a cat with horns which will be sitting on one side of the board. The cat will be thinking of ways to combine the flowers.

3. Mars power

Mars Power is a combination of the 60 puzzles with its main objective to give electricity and water to the small isolated buildings.

You will place distribution towers on top of resource tiles to move them towards the buildings. It will open new resources and force the special nodes that would supply whole rows and columns.

This game will also tell you the story about the content of all stages. This story will show you beautiful residential places which are seized by an unknown corruption.

4. Pokémon quest

This game is jointly published by Nintendo and Pokémon Company. It is an action plus adventurous game which allows you to make a team of adorable cube shaped Pokémon to explore Tumble Cube Island.

You will find different areas located on an island and each area consists of various stages. And you will be able to take three cube-shaped Pokémon along with you on each area and get plenty of ingredients like power star and XP.

You will also get the chance to return your camp to equip your team with power stars.

5. Touchgrind BMX 2

Touch grind BMX 2 is consisting of enhanced features than Touch grind BMX. It is known as the top rated and the popular sports games.

You will get the chance to watch and enjoy beautiful worldwide places on your customized bikes.

You will have the chance to achieve captivating trophies as much as you want. The trophies will be achieved by finishing the challenges on every location during the whole voyage.

You will be to compare your scores with the people who are playing this game in any country in the world. This feature of the game can be considered as one of the most wonderful features of this game.

This game is not only limited to you but you will be capable to share your skills with the people all over the world.

6. Final Fantasy XV pocket edition

It is one of the most highly rated and appealing adventurous role-playing video games.

You have the opportunity to explore the world of fifteenth final fantasy. You have to cross 10 chapters by enjoying your journey full of enchanting graphics.

It is based on the story of the king who is considered as the savior to the stars.

7. Shadow gun legends

If you have a keen interest in fighting as brave and courageous soldiers and save humans, you must not resist playing shadow gun legends.

You will get the opportunity to save humanity from the invasion of aliens. Also, you will get the chance to experience most advanced and enhanced gear systems in mobile gaming.

You will get special rewards by expressing your distinct personality.

Furthermore, get chance to build your own statue in honor in the walk of fame. You would be capable to attain up to 500 lethal weapons, more than 1000 armor pieces and hundreds of fantastic cool items.

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