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How to Leverage Videography for Social Media Promotions

The use of technology and digitization has been around for ages, but 2020 quickened the pace. Numbers show that the majority of Melbourne youth shop on social media (social commerce). Videos posted on Facebook, Instagram, etc., encouraged impulse-purchasing on social networks.

So, if you own a Melbourne-based business, it is time to embrace effective video marketing strategies for social media.

Here’s how expert Melbourne videographers can help:

Speak to the Public Directly

These days, people input voice-activated commands as it is more convenient, informal, and lets them multitask.

Likewise, when your business focuses on video content creation, more people can enjoy it. But you can also change the content to be as formal as you want, per your needs and objectives.

Since the purpose of social media is to connect, make sure the content is:

  1. Relatable
  2. Engaging
  3. Original

Let’s say you have a pet-friendly salon in Chapel Street. Mold the ideas in a form that social media users like to watch. For instance, start the video from the off-leash dog walking trail near Yarra Bend Park. It is essential to depict your business as a fun and entertaining spot where customers can bring their pooches.

Kinds of Videos You Can Make

Craft a video content strategy for each specific business goal. Here are the options:

Product Demos

These will help your potential customers in deciding before buying it. It could be an animation or a full visual demonstration – whatever conveys the details.


Not everyone will go through the written text in the help guide or FAQs section. How-to-videos and tutorials can clear people’s doubts and increase faith in the brand.

Brand Videos

Professional Melbourne videographers specialize in developing exciting narratives about new businesses that need exposure. With your brand video, you can let your future customers know who you are.

Using AI, SEO, and other search marketing features in the video can get your business on top of the results page. For example, you have started a warehouse and transportation company in Point Cook. Your video link will be visible to anyone who looks up “West Melbourne logistics services.”

Event Coverage

Leverage business conferences, workshops, webinars, corporate events, etc., to increase your online visibility. Users who didn’t get to attend such events can get an in-depth view of your organization, partners, and clients.

Live Streams

Live web streaming is also increasingly becoming commonplace. It ensures real-time customer engagement, where you can interact with the viewers on various platforms.

Right Distribution Strategy for Different Social Networks

Furthermore, each social network has video capabilities, and hence, you can create a cross-platform video distribution strategy. Each person has a preferred social network. When they are looking up your business or products and watching a video, their intent varies.

Facebook: Melbourne Facebook users click 22 ads per month on average. Melbourne Facebook users click 22 ads per month on average. Short content, explainer videos, and guides keep them engaged until the end.

YouTube: This video hosting site is also a hit with Australian and Melbourne users. They watch long-form videos, such as vlogs, entertainment, and instructional content in niche markets.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most trafficked site for B2B users. You can expand your network with old colleagues or prospective customers and share industry-related information.

Other social media avenues in Melbourne are Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Here, slideshows to stories and one-minute clips are common. But it is important to leverage them the right way.

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