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Establishing a Quality Control System For Your Online Business

Business, now, is more Celestial which earlier was Terrestrial!

Of Course! I am talking about an Online Business.

In the past, when the quality trade was done over land, commuting from one place to another, nobody would have ever thought that sale-purchase (a life-surviving aspect) would take digital grounds where marketing, buying, selling all can be done via sending/receiving signals in the air.

A fact well said by Arthur Ganson,”Technology is very seductive, and it is certainly changing the way things are designed and made and taught. The problem is when technology has seduced you away from thinking about things as deeply as you should.”

In a day, whether we make any contribution to benefit the Earth and its people, it hardly matters. But technology, somewhere, is playing its role proficiently benefitting the worldwide every second, taking quality into the consideration at first.

When quality is the talk of the day, one can look upon Quality Management Solutions which covers all aspects closely working with it, be it quality control, quality management, ISO standards, quality assurance, management software, and tools, everything you say.

Quality Control: General Definition Linked To A Business Definition

Usually, while searching or reading, you might have come across this definition of QC:

Quality control is a process which deliberates on fulfilling the quality requests as per the desired specifications.

The process, mostly implemented in manufacturing, is to-

  • Monitor the quality of the end products through statistical measures and,
  • Provide an overall commitment to delivering defect-free products.

Simply put, the concept is all about keeping a close eye on the deliverables, fixing errors if any, and having them quality checked and validated, to uphold the brand reputation, make customers happy and generate repeat business.

Even when you have opted for Amazon Vendor Central, you need experts’ help to ensure it is handled properly.

Moving on, now let me share an experience and tell you where quality control has a roleplay online.

I am a shopping freak and a couple of weeks ago, I went online to apply for a credit card and get one to ease my expenditures. I traversed a website and after spending around 15-20 minutes, I moved on to another one where I was done with all the formalities, freeing me up within 10 minutes.

So what went wrong and where?

The former one made me type the same information three times on their portal, asking some annoying questions that ultimately, lost my interest in the brand whereas the latter made things much simpler for me where it took me less than two minutes to fill the application and hardly five minutes to get it approved.

This is where quality control showcases its significance!

The first website did not assure quality control and the second site closely implemented the Keep It Super Simple(KISS) principle which further proves that having an online business is not enough. There are a lot of efforts to be made and many areas to be modified.

There is a real need to apply Quality Control checks to be user-oriented and quality focused to outstretch the arms of your business with a ‘Quality-Proof’ tag.

This draws up to make you familiar with the benefits a Quality Control System dispenses. Take rundown below:

Quality Control Builds Customer Loyalty

Quality control pertains to all that you have to sell, your products, features, services, etc.

The hierarchy is very simple. Your product undergoes various quality checks, once tested and it comes up to be error-free, it is deployed to the end-user. You use it, find it useful and productive and then give your vote of trust to the company by purchasing more.

Controlling the quality traits is very crucial, not to give more to make things look unnecessary, neither to miss something that is the actual need of the consumer or the client.

Loyalty merely depends upon a good user-experience, you give it to people at their disposal, you earn it then and there.

Quality Control Safeguards Brand Name

Science says people remember the negative experiences and thoughts more vividly in comparison to the good ones. Not only a person has a strong memory of the bad products or services encountered, they, unfortunately, are even long-lasting.

This is where the implementation of QC measures can help protect your business name to shine and rest assures to prevent the operators from submitting a bad review.

Being a marketer, do remember, getting unexpected feedback from a customer can hinder your progress. Search engines index your website to the top if your users are driving something useful and of good quality.

Online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon adhere to the same algorithms sorting and displaying the best on the top ranks, having better ratings and remarkable reviews.

Overall Advantages

A Quality Control System has a sack full of benefits which can be reaped by one and all, once applied rightly into the internal processes of product development.

Besides the two major advantages already mentioned, see what are the remaining ones

  • Feature-rich in cost-cutting
  • Improves production techniques
  • Ensure better resource usage
  • Avoids customer liabilities
  • Helps boost sales revenues
  • Promotes a company’s goodwill

Final Considerations

Having an online business and making it run with unique designs and graphics isn’t satisfactory, your web pages must be tested (quality evaluated) from a user’s point of view.

Knowingly or unknowingly you have enormous competitors surrounding you where you have to be ten steps ahead of them fixing your robust presence and possessing a strong customer base.

Make sure the efforts you are making don’t go in vain and prepare yourself to meet up the ever-increasing public demands as user expectations are predictively going to get higher and higher.

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