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3 Smart Ways to Create a Harmony between Instagram and Web Design

Did you know that 51 percent of Instagram users access this photo-sharing platform daily and another 35 percent log in and check the feeds several times a day?

Moreover, 60 percent of the users learn about a new product or service on the same platform. The photo-sharing site with its many benefits is also known for the best conversion rates. Consequently, website owners and designers try to build a synergy between Instagram and their design.

All of the above data reveal the potential of this social platform. Therefore, it is no wonder why many business owners are switching to Instagram. The users upload 40,000 images daily and post 1,000 comments every second. Sounds interesting, right?

Here are three tips to create a wonderful synergy between your web design and Instagram

1. Focus on Logo Design

You need to stay updated with the latest happenings in web design to stay ahead of the competition. It means that you should go for a makeover of your website.

Therefore, design a meaningful brand logo that relates to the new aesthetics and resonates with your business. You may go for a complete redesign of your website, if necessary. According to a recent report, about 59 percent of users worldwide would interact with an aesthetically designed website that is not too generic or simple.

Intrigued by the design, they will visit your Instagram page as well to check out your business presence on social media.

2. Create Interactive Design

If you want more followers for Instagram and increased site traffic, you must learn how to interact with your visitors with eye-catching content.

Use the interactive feature of this photo-sharing site coupled with automation tools such as Gramista. Your visitors redirected from the photo-sharing platform will prefer to enjoy the same comfort level while navigating your web pages.

Enhanced user experience translates into improved brand appeal. The harmony between your web design and Instagram attracts users to your brand. That is because of the quality of Instagram to communicate with the visitors. It helps to convert an internet user to a loyal and paying customer.

3. Build a Center of Attraction

Last but not the least, build a center of attraction on your website if you want to imitate the Instagram design. Take some time out of your busy schedule to analyze an element of your brand that you want to emphasize.

Once you are through with it, make it the focal point of your web design. Ensure that you create a smooth, seamless, and practical navigation to make visitors see what you would like them to see. While creating designs, you would need to build a prototype.

It will help you understand how the final layout will look like. It will also let you ascertain what changes are necessary.


We are living in a digital age with businesses going online. Join the bandwagon and improve your social media presence by creating a synergy between your web design and Instagram. Use the above tips and tricks to make your web pages pop.

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