How to Get G Suite for Free As a Nonprofit

G-Suite offers an excellent productivity solution for nonprofits of all kinds. It encourages collaboration, and the applications allow nonprofits to work more efficiently.

Furthermore, it ensures that your nonprofit is kept secure. You can integrate your domain easily into the G-Suite basic package to make your nonprofit run more effectively. In this article, we will explain how G-Suite can be highly beneficial for nonprofits.


The G-Suite package for nonprofits is very similar to the basic package. It offers access to a full range of applications and only costs $6 per month. It is easy to start a 14-day trial of this package with no obligation to purchase. This will allow your nonprofit to judge whether G-Suite will be a viable solution for you. There are discounts available if paid annually.


This G-Suite package has everything a nonprofit need to work more effectively and to deal with the most important things. It removes the stress of the organization and collaboration and allows teams to naturally work together in order to complete the main objectives of the nonprofit.

Organizing Resources

Nonprofits usually deal with many documents, and keeping them in the same place can be difficult. It can often be time-consuming to locate important documents. G-Suite allows everything to be saved and backed up in one location. It is easy to locate, and everything is stored on the cloud.

All users have up to 30gb of Google Drive storage available, which makes it convenient to create and store documents. The drives can easily be shared with donors or other stakeholders. You can quickly find the specific document or folder you need. This saves time and allows you to focus on the important things.

Creating Presentations

Most nonprofits will require presentations that properly convey their ideas. Google Suite offers an easy and powerful way to present the most pertinent data and visuals. You can combine the sheets and slides applications to find the perfect charts to represent your data.

Slides support the majority of file types, which makes it easy to import and export to Microsoft PowerPoint. Furthermore, you can easily share your screen with other remote team members to brainstorm ideas and make edits in real time.

Funding Proposals

The docs application in Suites allows for the creation of effective funding proposals. These proposals are key for any nonprofit. Docs make it easy to achieve a professional look and have a magnitude of features which allow the seamless addition of relevant images and map.

You can share the document for the entire team to work and leave comments if required. The revision history makes it easy to track changes, and the document can be exported to many file types, including PDF, which adds the finishing professional touch.

Collaborate across Time Zones

Many nonprofits work globally, which means that teams may be distant at times. This can cause collaboration to become more difficult. The calendar feature allows for easy scheduling that is updated in real time.

Additionally, the hangouts application makes face to face meetings easy. They can also be recorded and viewed by the entire time. The real-time nature of applications and their easy methods of sharing allows teams to work together efficiently across all time zones.

Easy User Management

Nonprofits are constantly evolving and expanding. This can mean different users are entering and leaving. It can be complicated to switch over user privileges on certain applications.

However, G-Suite makes it easy to manage all of the users within an organization. You can easily add new people to specific groups and grant permissions with ease.

The forms application makes recording users in real time a breeze. It can also be used as a questionnaire to aid recruitment. The responses can then be collected and analyzed on Sheets. This process is incredibly simple, and it shows how every application in G-Suite works in tandem.

Ad-Marketing Campaigns

Many non-profits will require specific ad-marketing campaigns to spread their message effectively. Ad Grants makes it easy for G-Suite to work with Google ads seamlessly. This makes it simple to promote your campaign.


The goal of nonprofits is to make an impact and to create lasting change in the world. This requires their teams to be extremely collaborative and productive. One of the greatest waste of resources is spent on IT admin. G-Suite non profit removes many of these technicalities and provides a simple and manageable solution for nonprofits of all types. It allows them to focus on the bigger picture and ensures they can properly focus on their mission statement.

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