International Prepaid Calling Cards Vs Digital Voip Phone Service

Calling cards can enable you to keep track of your spending while making international Calls. They may be used well from nearly anywhere there’s access to a telephone.

Regrettably, it’s a dark side. In reality, many individuals have had their fingers burnt with an assortment of scams, available minutes, extra charges, hidden costs, etc.

We’ve provided a comprehensive comparison of International Calling cards with Virtual phone numbers based on their characteristics, Call Quality and price.

International Calling Card

It’s a better way of buying telephone minutes on a prepaid basis. You will find many international Calling card vendors available in the market that could get you cheap per minute rates at a much lower price than those provided by your current mobile or perhaps telephone service provider.

Unlike a VoIP phone system that can offer highly varied capabilities, calling cards typically work like a regular landline or cell phone service.

The Characteristics

  • Uses the standard keypad to dial the business phone number.
  • It does not require an internet connection to make and get a call.
  • Call originate and terminate on the traditional PSTN Phones.

The Price

Calling cards have complicated and often misleading pricing. You will find hidden fees and overstated minutes associated with these cards.

Some International Cards have rates concerning the time of the day you’re making the call. For top-rated, you can schedule your calls of yours in nonpeak hours. Nonetheless, this’s not an incredibly convenient option.

An Alternative To International Calling Cards: Voip Phone Systems

The VOIP phone system uses an internet connection rather than regular Phone networks, making international calls extremely affordable. It’s also commonly known as “Internet Telephony.” One incredible creation in this area is the Virtual Phone Number.

A Virtual Phone System Is Much More Varied Than A Calling Card

  • Virtual Phone System has practical features like Call Forwarding, Dynamic Number insertion, IVR, automatic call distribution, call routing, etc.
  • The Virtual Phone number providers are entrepreneurial and intelligent; they’re experts in innovatively combing other services and price components.

The characteristics • You can easily port your business Phone number to an alternative service provider without any extra fees.

  • You can route calls coming on your business phone system to the unit of your choice. This flexibility makes your business mobile enabling you to speak with your customers anywhere and anytime.

The Price

The majority of the Virtual Phone number providers offer services as a monthly recurring charge plus usage. This implies you’ve to pay monthly subscription fees for the service and a per-minute rate on the usage. Some advanced features are “add-ons” and are only offered with another Monthly charge. Some business Phone numbers providers offer bundles of services, including a designated number of minutes.

Call Quality

All VOIP Phone systems use the online connection to make and receive calls. This means that call quality is directly proportional to the pace of the internet connection. Excellent internet speed means superior voice Quality.

It’s recommended to assess the current service provider before you move to a VoIP phone system.

The bandwidth required for an excellent call quality depends on the number of concurrent calls that ring on your business phone system and your VOIP provider’s codec.

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