Important Things to Look For in a Gaming Laptop

Buying a gaming laptop is very important if you want to do live game streaming or want to enjoy the gaming experience to the fullest. Bad gaming laptops can ruin the game quality. You won’t even run the game smoothly. It will ruin the laptop eventually. Your system may get crashed.

Buying a good gaming laptop requires good in-depth knowledge regarding processor and in-built graphics card. You may buy an overpaying laptop that is under performing in crucial areas. So it’s best if you read this blog and know what to look into for a gaming laptop.


  1. What kind of games do you want to play 

It is a very important thing to decide. Before you put your cash on the table, decide what kind of games you are aiming for on a laptop.

Real-time strategy games need low computing power. If you want to play RTS games then you need to choose accordingly.

If you want to play Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, or cyberpunk then go for laptops with latest generation graphics cards, good and powerful RAM, and powerful CPU.

Go for a decent-range graphics card if you want to play shooter games. Don’t overspend your money on something which you may not need in future. You can try honor magicbook 14 amd ryzen 5.


  1. Good laptop screen

Choose a gaming laptop with a quality screen. So that it can have good refresh rates, size, and resolution to give a quality gaining experience to the user. Nowadays game live streaming has become a very popular market to generate good income. But for it, you need to have high-quality equipment.  Most gaming laptops have a 15′ or 17″ display. There are also larger ones but the most common are 17″ and 15″. Generally for gaming, you must go for larger screen size. It will give you a better experience. The larger screen may be higher. Also, you may require higher-spec hardware for powering it up. A larger screen may increase the weight of the laptop. Choose Honor Magicbook 14 Amd Ryzen 5    for gaming.



Avoid screens which give lower resolution than 1920×1080. Laptops with 1080 resolution are perfect for gaming. It provides great-quality images. Also, it is easier to run a game.


  1. What hardware specifications should be considered for a gaming laptop?


A strong processor is what you need for gaming. With it, you can have the sufficient processing power. It provides the best performance overall. Most of the games may run on all Intel processors above Intel i5. Intel i7 is recommended for better performance. You can try Honor Magicbook 14 Amd Ryzen 5 for gaming laptops.



RAM never affects FPS directly. But its speed can ruin your gaming experience. Choose a laptop with 16GB RAM. It will give you better performance. For future proofing get 32 GB RAM. Lower RAM can crash your laptop. Gaming is a very complicated situation for which you should buy 32 GB RAM.

Storage (NVMe and SSD)

Consider a good SSD for gaming. To get the excellent performance you must use a close NVMe drive like theAORUS Gen4 SSD 1TB NVMe etc. This will surely increase the performance. Using an SSD for gaming will improve gaming performance. This is required when areas of the map are changing or game load screens are changing. SSD’s can easily outnumber HDDs in the gaming world.


  1. What Type of GPU you must have for gaming

An Important component for gaming is graphics cards. A good quality and powerful GPU is required for gaming laptops. Without it you ain’t me able to produce FPS (frames per second). You must get a latest generation GOU like the RTX series from Nvidia or previous generation cards from the GTX series. If you are an AMD lover then you should choose Radeon RX 5000-M. You should opt for something like RX 5500-M for hardcore gaming. For mid level, choose GeForce RTX 2060. If you want to play the latest games then. Look for RTX 3070 RTX 3080 GPU you will be able to crank out the games at max settings.



Hope this blog covers all the details which are required for buying a gaming laptop. There are plenty of gaming laptops available in the market. You just have to know your requirements to buy one.

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