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How to treat bipolar depression in adults?

Depression is a severe illness. It must not be taken lightly. People nowadays experience stress and tension in their everyday lives. Whether it is a work deadline of a project or estranged personal relationships, you are constantly juggling between your professional and personal lives. Given the latest research and awareness campaigns worldwide, discussing psychological problems with your peers is no longer a taboo. People are more and more aware of their mental state. They are not afraid to speak up about mental illnesses.

Bipolar depression or bipolar disorder is one such illness that includes manic psychological episodes. A person experiencing this disorder may have extremely low or extremely high mood swings. In earlier times, it used to be called manic depression.


People with bipolar depression experience the following symptoms:

  • Low mood swings – extreme sadness and low energy level
  • High mood swings – overactive, energetic, talkative, and mania

Some common symptoms are:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Thoughts of worthlessness
  • Existential crisis

These symptoms may last for several weeks or months. These symptoms affect the everyday lives of people. Their close relations suffer due to this condition. If you have gone through any traumatic event or something is bothering you then you must discuss your problem with your close confidante.


The initial stage of depression is mostly diagnosed as clinical depression. You may experience a manic episode much later even after several months of clinical depression. The person experiencing a manic episode may:

  • Have overwhelming feelings
  • Go towards lavish spending
  • Talk a lot
  • Become energetic
  • Get annoyed very quickly

You may not perceive this behavior as depression but the people around you may notice the symptoms. In the worst-case scenarios, people start seeing or hearing things that are not there. They may experience hallucinations or imaginations. This form of psychological illness is called psychosis.


There are three basic treatments for bipolar depression.


  • Talk therapy


If your depression is in the initial stage and you think that something is bothering you then you can always contact your GP. Your GP will ask you some questions regarding your personal life. After a series of questions, you will be referred to a psychologist. He may offer you solutions to your problems or recommend some breathing exercises to calm your nerves.


  • Medications


When the talk therapy is not sufficient for the patient then the doctor may prescribe some medicines to change the brain chemistry. Medications like Latuda are prescribed to patients with bipolar depression. You can get the information regarding Latuda coupon and discount on the website of PricePro Pharmacy. They sell medicines for psychotic illnesses at discounted prices.


  • Lifestyle changes


Sometimes, positive lifestyle changes may lessen the symptoms of bipolar depression. A good 30-minute workout session may make you energetic and feel good about yourself. Healthy eating is another great option. There are many support groups available on social media. You can join any support group and discuss your problems and thoughts with your peers. This will lighten the burden from your heart.


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