Whatsapp+: Advanced Whatsapp and Some Other Whatsapp Tricks

Posted on Feb 8 2013 - 12:01am by 0ffliner

Whatsapp Plus (Holo Version) or lets say Whatsapp+ is an application which provides more facilities than whatever the basic whatsapp application provides. You can customize the chat screen, conversation screen, contact screen, popup notification, media sharing, upload limit settings, picture quality settings and lot more other MOD’s settings. Here you have an option to customize the whatsapp theme also. 

whatsapp+ whatsapp plus whatsapp holo

whatsapp+ whatsapp plus whatsapp holo

whatsapp+ whatsapp plus whatsapp holo

Update: Share Larger Files on Whatsapp only with whatsapp+ (Plus)


whatsapp+ settings

whatsapp+ settings part 2

The above settings and MOD’s written above cannot be found in basic whatsapp. 

Here are some more Screenshots of this whatsapp+ app. 

1. Chat Screen Settings

whatspp+ main chat screen customized settings

2. Whatsapp+ Contacts Screen Settings.

whatsapp+ contacts customized settings

Download whatsapp+ via XDA-Developer (click on Skip Ad button on top right to skip Ad)

3. Whatsapp+ media Sharing settings

whatsapp+ media sharing customized settings

4. Whatsapp+ other MODS Settings

whatsapp+ other modsDownload whatsapp+ via XDA-Developer (click on Skip Ad button on top right to skip Ad)

5. Basic Chat screen with improved view

whatsapp+ basic chat screen

Some Other Whatsapp Trick

Image inside Image

This  trick is very popular in whatsapp and a trick to make someone fool by creating a thumbnail of something hot and keeping the actual funny image inside it. This trick is easy and is shown below.

whatsapp image into image trick

The above thumbnail when clicked shows something else. 

This trick can be used to make people fool. To create such pics you can use Migiapp or Z- Photo Fake for WhatsApp.

About Whatsapp:

There was a revolution back in 1990’s when short messaging services (SMS) came into existence after cell phone came handy. In Early milleninium i.e, 2000’s MMS was a revolutionary service when we saw some rise in smartphone technology. But its 2013 and we are having another great revolution which replaced previous revolutions. Whatsapp a smartphone application is the great revolution of this decade. Whatsapp is an app which is a mixture of services provided by SMS and MMS and can be downloaded on various smartphone operating system platforms and is easily available and that too for free for a year. Either its an Android cell phone or lets take an Iphone or Blackberry whatsapp is available for every kind of platforms and devices. The only thing which is required for taking some advantage out of it is Internet connectivity on your mobile device either by mobile data connectivity or via Wi-Fi.

Download Below:

Download whatsapp

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