15 Websites To Send Large Files or Attachments in Email | How To

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While in other articles we talked about How to send anonymous text messages, this article is on the best online services to send large files or attachments to someone  via email large size. On the internet there are free online services that allow you to send e-mail with attachments and files that are huge to any e-mails Id. Obviously this can allow you to send e-mail to a friend an entire contents of zipped or entire movies or cd music tracks and also caters in the workplace when you need to send large documents.

Websites To Send Large Files or Attachments in Email | How To

Services best to send large files and with good speed in both upload and download are:

1) Gmail with attachments up to 10 GB with Google Drive

2) You can post attachments without limits from Yahoo Mail with Dropbox , integrated into Yahoo’s web site.

3) Filemail: Filemail is free, fast, safe and does not require any recording. It allows you to send files up to 2 GB with a web interface very easy to use. Simply enter the email address of the sender and the recipient, and then click the file to be loaded from the hard disk. You can upload multiple files at one time and the recipients will receive the download link in the e-mail address. Uploaded files will be stored for 3 days and allows you to download up to 10 times before being completely removed from the Web server. Of course there is also a paid version that costs $ 3 per month, which allows, among other things, to keep files online up to 15 days and send files up to 10 GB.

4) Dropsend : You must register before using the service and it is also a site very easy to use to send large files via email. Simply type the recipients, enter the subject and message, and then navigate through the files on your hard drive to upload, and click the submit button. You can send multiple files in a single time but each file can be of size at least up to 1 GB and you can not send emails with attachments more than 5 times per month. Obviously the recipients of the Annex, to download the file should not be registered in Dropsend but you can just click link received by e-mail to begin downloading the file. The good thing about Dropsend is that you can keep track of files sent, under the folder “Sent”, with the visibility if the files have been downloaded.

5) Pando is a PC software that can be used to upload files to the server Pando up to 1GB and then send the email to the recipients. Recipients will receive an e-mail attachment with a link that you just click to start the download files. Files uploaded with Pando remain online for 7 days. Pando works well on Windows and Mac systems.

6)FileBouncer allows you to send up to 5 files together via Email even 1 GB. You send, in reality, the link to download password protected files and the sender can receive notification of receipt.

7) WeTransfer is a website that allows you to send file attachments and send a maximum size of 2 GB , via email , to anyone. Without any registration, you can write the e-mail address of the recipient, the sender, you upload the file and then sends. The recipient of the email contains a link for downloading the file while the sender receives the notification in the mail box that the file was successfully sent.

8) Kicksend is another service to send large files via email. The service can be used to send files up to 150MB, but the desktop application (Adobe Air) allows you to send files of any size. Files sent as attachments are sent but the recipient will receive a link to download the file. All uploaded files are automatically deleted after two weeks. Kicksend To use you need to register on the site, from which interface you can also add email addresses by importing from Gmail.

9 )AnySend allows you to instantly send a file from your website to a maximum of 100MB, but it is also a program to share files without limits.

10) WizDrop allows you to upload a large file on the internet up to 100 MB which can then be sent via Email from your computer or cell phone. 50MB free.

11) ZipSend is a service of Winzip that allows you to send an e-mail attachments up to 50MB free which disappear after 7 days. It provides a plugin that integrates with MS Outlook and Gmail , Hotmail and Yahoo. ZipShare From WinZip was also released, a service for sending large files and attachments via Facebook.

12) Virgilio Mail lets you send attachments up to 2GB which must be downloaded within 5 days.

13)SecurelySend allows you to send a file Email an address to another email which can be great maximum 200MB.

14) Transferbigfiles is a site that send large files up to 100MB, uploading from PC to one or more email addresses.

15) MailBigFile is similar to the two previous years and has a limit, in its free version, 300MB for each file sent.

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