VoIP, one-third of the calls are on Skype

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TeleGeography, a company that studies the evolution of the telecommunications market, has published a report that clearly shows the success of Small Business VoIP, especially for long distance calls. Since 2005, the incumbent telecom fight against a new enemy: Skype . In this time period, the use of the client has grown tremendously to reach one third of the world’s international traffic.

VoIP, one-third of the calls are on Skype

TeleGeography found that the overall traffic increased by 5% in 2012, exceeding 490 billion minutes, 34% of which are represented by small business VoIP calls . This is mainly due to the spread of mobile phones and smartphones in developing countries, as well as the availability of cheaper rates than traditional international calls. As pointed out by the U.S. company, ” millions of users have discovered that they can communicate without the service of telcos . ”

The use of Skype has grown exponentially: in 2012 alone, the voice and video Skype-to-Skype calls increased by 44%, to 167 billion minutes . The increase of 51 billion minutes is more than double the traffic generated by all telecom operators world put together .

Fortunately, over 40% traffic is represented by Skype video calls , so the business VoIP client has not completely replaced the traditional calls. However, given the huge volume of traffic, TeleGeography provides a negative future for telecom operators, as profits from international calls will always be lower for “fault” of Skype and other software:

The pressure on the carrier will continue to grow in the coming years. Skype is the most widely known, but it is not the only competitor of the operators. Google (Talk and Voice), WeChat (Weixin), Viber, Nimbuzz, KakaoTalk and Line have become popular. And, perhaps more dangerous for telecommunications companies, Facebook has recently added to its application functionality Free Voice Messenger.

To prevent a mass exodus to Skype, probably the only solution is to enter into agreements malls, as they have done with some operators of Russians, Americans and Canadians.

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