A Goo.gl Trick To Know Email Has Been Read By the Recipient

Posted on Feb 16 2013 - 2:37am by 0ffliner

You may not be a Investigator but you are among one who sends and contact person formally via Emails. You may wish to know that the Email has been read or not which you sent to the recipient. Well, there are many tricks out there to get to know about the mail is read or not. As an example, one trick is to attach a tracking Image in your Email (As service provided by Spypig). When the recipient opens and read the mail the attached Image gets downloaded (if automatic Image download option is activated and the mail is in HTML format and not in the plain text format).

Second Example is to go through your Email Sent Header and read out the code to view the IP address of the recipient. If it’s there means user has read the Email. This method requires little more technical knowledge and is not hundred percent true.

The Idea to Get Email Has Been Read Notification

Well, we here @freaksense will show you one more trick other than the above described trick. What we will be doing is just to attach some hyperlinks in the mail body. The hyperlink which will be attached must be shortened with goo.gl. Goo.gl provides a URL shortening service and will act as a tracking email here.


The idea here is really awesome and simple. The Email with the shortened URL attached is sent to the recipient and when the recipient reads out the received mail and click upon the shortened URL link then the activity of the recipient will be recorded.

For instance, If the shortened URL is  http://goo.gl/RE23R, you can see the stats of the clicks by adding a “+” sign post to the URL (e.g http://goo.gl/RE23R+) . The stats here is recorded whenever the recipient clicked on the link attached in the Email. You can also view the time when it was clicked just by hovering the mouse pointer over the graph.


#To note that this idea is based on the assumption that the recipient will click on the attached hyperlink.

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