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Ubuntu Remix MATE is the idea of ​​Ben Tinner to bring the simplicity of GNOME 2.x on Ubuntu 4.14

The simplicity and lightness of GNOME 2 with the convenience of Ubuntu: a thing that is not seen as much more, to be precise from the good old days of Ubuntu 11.10 – the last session which provided for the distribution fallback to GNOME 2.

Since then, many have been asking and hope that, one day or the other, someone would have thought to compensate this lack strong.

If it is true – as is true – that Unity is a desktop shell extremely powerful and a thousand functionality, however there is a circle of users (including me) that the immediacy and simplicity of GNOME 2.x really miss. As you have to learn the GNOME 2.x project was officially abandoned by the developers of Red Hat, but some of its components have been “adopted” and “carried out” by the development team to another desktop very similar to the now antiquated version of GNOME: MATE .

And it is based on MATE ‘s idea of Ben Tinner , developer and enthusiastic about Ubuntu:

I’m creating a new distro of Ubuntu that will have the look and feel of GNOME 2. […]

It will be called officially MATE Ubuntu Remix, will integrate the MATE desktop environment to the power and stability of Ubuntu. In fact, I already have a working prototype based on Saucy Salamander.

Tinner plans to complete its distribution within the release of Ubuntu 04.14 LTS Trusty Tahr , with the hope that Ubuntu Remix MATE flavor becomes an officially supported – at the time a project is “personal”.

We gave an eye to live Ubuntu Remix MATE currently available, which is not absolutely evil. An Ubuntu 13.10 greatly relieved – that idle takes a little less than 500 MB of RAM performed in the virtual machine,  to the detriment of the software sector that, at present, it is absolutely limited.

Ubuntu Remix MATE - TOP

Ubuntu Remix MATE – TOP

We find pre-installed in the system:

  • the  archive manager Engrampa  (fork fileroller);
  • the calculator  native;
  • Editor Pluma  (fork leafpad / gedit);
  • Mate-screenshots  (fork of gnome-screenshot);
  • the viewer  Atril  (fok Evince);
  • the image viewer Eye of MATE (fork of Eye-of-gnome);
  • file manager  Caja;
  • analyzer records, log viewer and system monitor;
  • Xterm;
  • the entire  control center MATE  and their settings;
  • mate-screensaver ;

The look is classic, with the double bottom panel and top-style GNOME 2.x. On the desk there, by default, the icons  Computer, Home, and Trash .

Ubuntu Remix MATE - Desktop

Ubuntu Remix MATE – Desktop

The top panel of the classic three menu Applications, Resources, and System, the system clock and the notification area (which currently does not seem to work). On the bottom panel, as usual, the  list of active windows, the “Show Desktop” and the workspace switcher.

Ubuntu Remix MATE - Caja and Control Center MATE

Ubuntu Remix MATE – Caja and Control Center MATE

Three at the big shortcomings :

  1. lacks the graphical manager for GRUB  – boot parameters must be passed manually;
  2. the graphical session  is not bootable automatically, you can issue the command  startx  from TTY;
  3. missing  the installer.

For the rest, ultimately, I think Ubuntu Remix MATE a project that can give great satisfaction to the creator and the entire community of nostalgic and I think that happens at a crucial point like that of a  next LTS release .

Enthusiasts and those who intend to release feedback can try Ubuntu Remix MATE (based on Ubuntu 10.13) by downloading the ISO from the link below:

DOWNLOAD | Ubuntu Remix Mate

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