Top 10 programs to Edit and Manage Photos and Images

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We continue with the rankings of the most downloaded free programs in the world, this time with the ones that have to do with photos and pictures, to manage, edit them, for simple or complex retouching, to manage them on your computer and to create custom effects with your photos. Whilst it is true that there are lots of expensive software used by professional photographers, it is also true that, for the common user and normal people, there are many programs available, often with opensource license, to sometimes free, if used at home. This list here, drawn up on the basis of the statistics of Cnet and on my personal opinion upon the best Photo and picture editing software. It does not matter if you manage many or as few pictures and images on their PC and even if you work in the field of graphics; programs so they can always be useful, they are almost all light and they work fine for years.

Top 10 programs to Edit and Manage Photos and Images

The 10 best and most downloaded programs for free to edit and manage photos and images, for Windows (7, Vista and XP) are:

1) IrfanView

If for some categories of programs it can opine the first position, in this particular area the number one, head and shoulders above all other program, is Irfanview and no one could object.
This application is downloaded every day from thousands of people and is a must for anyone who works with images on their computers but it is also for inexperienced users who use computers for the first time.
Irfanview, as I wrote in another article, is the best free program to browse and edit images and photos quickly.
Whenever on blogs and forums I read articles like ” How to resize photos on the fly “,” how to correct the imperfections “,” how to cut out parts of images “,” how to balance the colors ” “how to convert the formats of image files “and much more, I say,” better to use Irfanview ”
In addition, as the program that inspired ACDSee (not free), allows you to browse photosthat are in the same folder by pressing the bar space and open any type of image.
To get all the features of Irfanview will need to download the program and then plugins.


This Google program has made ​​leaps and bounds in recent times and has become a great program to Edit and manage photos present on your computer. If Irfanview is perfect for quick operation and browse them, Picasa is ideal for organizing collections, and have a global view. Along with the many options for editing and creation, Picasa also integrates with Google’s online services (Picasaweb and Blogger) to upload photos on the internet with one click.

3) PhotoScape

PhotoScape is one of the most used programs and downloaded by photographers, both professionals and amateurs because it allows to work with the RAW file format .There are also a lot of professional features such as backlight correction, adjusting the white balance, the red-eye removal and more.

4) FastStone Image Viewer

Fast Stone Image Viewer is an image viewer which is impressive, comparable to IrfanView. FastStone is a bit slower and simple but has additional functions to edit your images, even more lots together and allows you to work with the Photoshop PSD file format.

5) Microsoft Photostory 3

I really do not understand why Microsoft has abandoned this jewel of a program in favor of heavier Windows Movie Maker. Photostory As I mention in the article as best program to create a video slideshow of photos and images. Though no longer being developed for 5 years, you can still download from the Microsoft website, and I can continue to say it is the easier to use and more immediate software to create a video with pictures.


GIMP is the open source version and Free Photoshop. Some say it is immensely better and others (including me) say it is more difficult to use, since it has a learning curve largest (and already Photoshop is not so simple.) The good thing is that, being widely used all over the world and also in Italy, looking on the internet you will find video tutorials, instructions and complete manuals for perform most editing operations.

7) Paint.NET

Paint.Net is similar to Gimp, much more recent, but much easier to edit images easily and without manuals . you can not use the Image gallery with high resolution and is not a professional software but it is absolutely recommended and suitable as a photo editing program made ​​at home by non-expert users.

8) ScreenHunter Free

This allows you to capture an image in a selected area of the screen or the whole screen.

9) CDisplay Image Display

This One is a legendary program that allows you to put several photos or images as in a comic book or a comic book.

10) InkScape

InkScape is a popular open source software used at a professional level as a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, vector drawing, and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).

FotoMix is not famous so it’s outside the top ten but my ball that I can not mention yet.Personally a free program so easy to use to create photomontages and photo editing professional, almost like you would with Photoshop I did not think could exist. The photomontages are not only of the classical type, where you put your photo in the background of another, but also possible, with a work of 10 minutes, put another person within your photograph. Another highlight is XnConvert, a program to edit with automatic effects groups of photos and images

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