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AdSense, in its simplicity, it is a fairly complex program. The available options are so many, so you are likely to take a wrong turn or walk the paths that limit the gains. Web 2.0 is said that every detail makes the difference in AdSense every detail is crucial for success.

Thousands of publishers implement ads inefficiently, write articles of poor quality, are penalized by Smart Pricing and complain of their meager earnings. Here are 4 simple tips and practical to get the most out of AdSense, the 4 undiscounted details that make a website successful.

4 Final Tips To Earn Money With  Google AdSense Ads Placement

Place ads Above the Fold

“Above the fold” is that part of the page that is visible without scrolling by the visitor. Placing ads in this manner is the number one secret to AdSense, for several reasons:

  • It ‘the first part of the page that loads and is immediately visible. So now you offer choices for the visitor, who often follows before loading the page over. By placing ads at the bottom create risks of not load them, because as I said before the visitor could get out before the end of loading.
  • It sounds ridiculous, but sometimes people do not notice the scroll bar and go all the time of the visit being above the fold.
  • At the algorithm level, the ads that are displayed first are the most profitable of the page.
  • For even better results, you should leave “a few alternatives of choice” to visitors, enter zero or very few links at the top.
  • A header with a logo and ads is much better (in terms of CTR) compared to a header with a logo, a number of links and ads.

Been to Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing is the main mechanism of the algorithm AdSense, if you know you know AdSense Smart Pricing! There are those who will be affected by this mechanism, there are those who will be benefited, then you should take it in your favor. You can do this in one way, with the quality of the content.

By quality we mean the quality according to Google, in practice you have to follow a set of guidelines that Google automatically detects and judges. The most important are:

  • Fresh contents, wholesome, not duplicates.
  • SEO : Quality Score AdSense is extremely linked to the Quality Score in Google SERP. So the page is more popular, more and more items are discussed, most updates are frequent, the contents are relevant etc, plus you will be rewarded by Smart Pricing and earn more per click. Among other advantages in addition to the Smart Pricing receive many more visits from the search engines, and then the profits will increase a lot.
  • Conversions : if your clicks do not convert into sales for advertisers Google will then lists it as a site of poor quality and you will be penalized. If this phenomenon lasts for a long time you could be banned from the program for invalid clicks. Given that the clicks that convert more usually are not those of the forum homepage and, it might be a good idea remove ads from these areas. Smart Pricing throughout the AdSense account (including other websites) click will look better and better earnings.

Imagine Smart Pricing as a quality index from 0 to 1. This does nothing but determine your EPC, ie the amount you earn per click. Here’s a rough outline:

EPC = $ AdWords Advertiser * Smart Pricing * Other Factors

If, therefore, the AdWords advertiser spends $ 1 for a keyword and your Smart Pricing is 0.2 are definitely limiting your earnings. I’ll just take it to 0.6 to triple your revenue, and so on.

Correct Ads Placement

This is perhaps the most common mistake of the publisher. The fundamental rule to able to make the ads an integral part of the site, the layout of the page that hosts them. This is your goal. Your visitors do not have to understand that the ads are of the advertising links, or click through them little or nothing. So here are some tips:

  • Use text ads, forget about those graphs. The former are customizable according to your needs, the latter can only assorbirteli.
  • The background color of the ads should be the same as the area of the page that hosts the ads. If your page is white does not highlight the ads using a yellow background, or people will understand that it comes to advertising.
  • The color of the link AdSense ad (first line of the ad) must be the same as the link to your page. If you use green links, even your ads must have the green links. Since the AdSense links are underlined, you should use the underline for the link to your page. In this way make ads integral part of your content.
  • The color of the URL in the ad (the last line of the ad) must be the same color that is used for text. The URL should not stand out from the description or visitors will understand that it is an external link.
  • Do not use the board , because the board is synonymous with advertising. If certain areas of your site are the edges, place ads in similar areas surrounded by the edges created through css, of course without ever breaking the rules.
  • Use the right sizes : absolutely the best are the Large Rectangle 336 × 280, 728 × 90 Leaderboard and Skyscraper 160 × 600 (for use in the sidebar).

Implementing ads in this way should improve the CTR of thousands of publishers.

Never stop testing

Every website is different in its perspective. Every website is different in its design hence the ads placement need little research for getting optimum revenue. At the start you may face difficulties in getting clicks although you may have good traffic but after couple of ads placement research you will easily get to know what ads and where it placed leads to great revenue.

The details make the difference, test and analyze the results with serious and precise methods such as the Method of Advanced Reports is a great move for success. The goal is the continuous improvement of CTR, each test shall be compared with the other you have to choose the one that offers the best results. At that point, the job is not finished! Start another test act to overcome the previous results, and so on ..

Now I ask you, how many people who complain about AdSense using these strategies?

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