SteamOS Beta: How to Start on Intel and AMD Hardware Video

Posted on Dec 16 2013 - 1:44pm by 0ffliner

“Despite the statement of the parent company, SteamOS is also possible to boot on Intel and AMD chips video.”

Many users are eager to try SteamOS, the new operating system weblog Valve, are disappointed with the launch of the beta. In fact, at least initially, the OS is not officially compatible with systems with Intel video cards and AMD, requiring therefore to run a PC with NVIDIA graphics chip weblog.

In reality the situation is not quite so tragic for all of these users: in fact SteamOS already incorporates the default drivers Intel and AMD Catalyst software preinstalled inside the park, just from what we could tell from the press Valve these drivers were not available for the use, because of some problems.

But is it really so? Michael Larabel of tried to run SteamOS on systems with AMD and Intel video chip, and he succeeded without any problems to boot the OS and run Steam games.

phoronix - SteamOS Beta how to start the system on Intel and AMD hardware video

Phoronix – SteamOS Beta how to start the system on Intel and AMD hardware video

In that way, however, scored the operation of the system on such hardware? On AMD chips is very simple: despite what relates Valve, SteamOS is easily able to run the Catalyst 9.4 Beta 13:11 catalysts present by default in the installation without the need for any changes , and boot the system. Only thing is that the compositor mode Big Picture, xcompmgr, for now it is only compatible with the NVIDIA driver , and then the hardware acceleration is disabled. Not bad, since it does not affect the games.

Intel, the situation is slightly more complicated : in fact the default SteamOS is set to not start the DRM driver (specifically the open Nouveau, Radeon and Intel memo) through the nomodeset option in the settings of GRUB boot: To work around is enough go to edit the file  / boot / grub / grub.cfg via any Linux distribution in Live initiated by removing all traces of the string nomodeset. In this way, the system will boot without problems on Intel video hardware.

Not yet officially supported by Valve, both drivers may cause problems with games or with the system itself: the advice is always not to use SteamOS on production environments, being still in beta.

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