5 Strategies, Practices and SEO Techniques That Do Not Work Anymore

Posted on Jan 11 2014 - 12:33pm by Anirudh sharma

The SEO has changed a lot in the last 12 years. But there are pillars that remain the same, writing quality content is one of these, but there are a number of strategies and practices that are now obsolete and are no longer recommended in spite of the internet, if they can still find a trace.

SEO Techniques That Do Not Work Anymore

The SEO evolves, grows and changes. SEO is a dynamic progress.

Optimizing the website in terms of Search Engine Optimization, it means to be loved by Google, because in the end it is he who set the rules, and we must follow them : penalty of exclusion from SERPs.

Below are the 5 SEO Techniques that do not work anymore , because the rules have changed and the Google SEO has evolved.

1. Content Spinning

The first SEO technique, we are about to discuss, has always been a bad technique, but was often used by black hat SEO is the content spinning. Using this technique, content was rewritten through a thesaurus or a spinning tool that was synonymous with any of the words, creating new, original content that was perceived as new and re-released.

It was possible to publish dozens, hundreds, even thousands of versions of the same content. With the Panda update released, it has put an end to this practice, which allowed to republish contents that were nothing more than duplicate masked and hidden.

2. Keyword Meta Tag

The keyword tag in the HTML code has been used with so much abuse, if we look at the way it is being used ​​in the last 12 years. You can do this with all the keywords that you have researched, draw up a document, write them down somewhere, but no longer, you have to fill in the keyword tag unless you have a specific reason to do so.

SEO Techniques That Do Not Work Anymore

SEO Techniques That Do Not Work Anymore

3. Keyword Stuffing or Keyword Density

The keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or a long tail is repeated in a web page in relation to the total number of words on the page. Previously, we tried to bring up the keyword on the page at least a percentage of 4 and 7%.

This made ​​the text very difficult to understand and difficult to read but the page was positioned well. Now, search engines have removed the parameter of the density of keywords from their algorithm. So, there is no need to compile it. Write quality content and use the keywords in the text where it makes sense.

4. Exact Match Domain

Until, last year I thought that the sites were an exact match between the user’s query and domain, pushed up the site in SERP’s. After the update of September 2012, this no longer happens!

It is important is to have a domain name that is representative of what we do, that it is easily identifiable and that we identify in our business.

5. Buying Links

Although, someone suggested in the past, this is a strategy that has always been identified as wrong but it worked at least until Google Penguin update.

The links are a vote of approval from one site to the other site. The site can suggesta link, that the user can visit because it considers it interesting and valid. If such approval is to be paid, not liking is more spontaneous, so it is not real.

It is important to always create good content, interesting and enrich the user so that they are naturally linked and shared on social networks.

This was our tutorial on 5 SEO Techniques That Do Not Work Anymore. Keep visiting back, for more SEO tips and tricks.

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