Preload the entire video before watching it on YouTube

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YouTube is the best portal for video watching It is also the one that best suits different needs that people have and for it, they can use different computers with internet connections of different speeds. 
The good thing with YouTube is that there are so many extensions to customize it to your browser by choosing so many things like video size, quality, page elements to display or to remove advertising. 

Preload YouTube Video



Preload entire YouTube Video

A new extension called YouTube Center, as well as numerous other options gives you the opportunity to activate the preload entire YouTube video. This disables the buffering system to pieces of YouTube, which works well if you browse with fast connection and is less effective for those who sail slower.

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This means that for YouTube to upload videos is particularly evident when you pause the video, and also note that the buffering stops (in the past instead continued). 
Uploading the video will restart only if you press Play. 
Moreover, because of this feature that is called ” Dash Playback ” that is, when you jump from one part to another of the video, YouTube charging that way and you have to wait a while to see the play. 

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This is a problem on slow connections, where that moment of waiting several seconds can become long. You can install Youtube Center to disable the Dash Playback that, personally, I think it is not at all beneficial, and to use its many options. YouTube Center can be installed either as a script (with Greasemonkey for Firefox) or as an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers among others. 

Extension for Chrome

preload entire youtube video

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Since it is not in the Chrome Web Store, it should be installed in this way- Download it, Open the extensions page (Menu -> Tools -> Extensions ) and then drag YouTube Center using the mouse in the center of the extensions page to install it without receiving a block.

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Once you install the add-on Youtube Center, you may notice a new gear icon at the top right, next to the button to sign in with your account. Now open it and in the options tab in the player, remove the check from the Dash Playback . The change is immediate and all videos opened on Youtube. You will see that from that moment videos will be preloaded in full when you press Play and without interrupting the buffering if you press Pause. Once your video is fully loaded, you can jump from one point to another without expectations. YouTube Center, you’ll note, also has a hundred of other options like, the removal of advertising, key Downloading and auto-repeat. Youtube Center is perhaps the most complete of the best extensions for Chrome on YouTube.

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