Permanently Delete Files And Make Files Non Recoverable | Using DeleteOnClick

Posted on Jun 2 2013 - 10:07pm by 0ffliner

When you delete a file in Windows ( but in general we speak of most existing operating systems) this is not actually deleted, but simply gets unindexed in fact, the operating system does not see the file in the index page, and denotes the space previously occupied by the file as free space.  The file remains on the hard disk, just  waiting to be overwritten.

This management approach allows some programs to recover previously deleted files (which was omitted from index and not deleted). The question is how to permanently delete files and make those files non recoverable and even  from such recovery programs? There are several solutions, but I want to suggest a tool for  Windows  that allows you to  integrate “Securely Delete”  a file in the Explorer context menu. The program responds to the name of DeleteOnClick.

Permanently Delete Files And Make Files Non Recoverable  Using DeleteOnClick

Once DeleteOnClick is installed you will be asked to  restart the computer. Just after the reboot you will notice the appearance of the item  “Securely Delete” in the context menu of Explorer.  So, to delete a file in a safe manner and make it irrecoverable, you only have to do  right click on it  and select “Securely Delete” option from the context menu.

Permanently Delete Files And Make Files Non Recoverable  Using DeleteOnClick - Confirm delete

Just after selecting “Securely Delete” option, a dialog box will appear indicating warning. You can answer “Yes” to begin the process of permanent deletion. the process may take a few seconds  or last for several minutes  depending on the size of the file. Make sure, before you proceed, you select the exact file you want to delete because the process is not reversible.

The final deletion and elimination  takes place according to the standard  5220.22-M , which ensures the  almost  total non-recoverability of the files.

DeleteOnClick is available as a  free  version.  latter, in addition to the features described above, also allows you to:

  • rename  and  remove the file attributes  before its final disposal;
  • perform  a quick wipe  free space on a disk;
  • carry out a  thorough wipe  free space on a disk;
  • delete  safely  the files in the trash.

You can download or purchase DeleteOnClick directly from its official page .

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