OGWhatsapp : Run two number on Same Whatsapp On Android

Posted on Jan 15 2014 - 5:16pm by Rahul Thial

Surfing the net, I came across this interesting program for Android, called OGWhatsApp.
OGWhatsApp for Android WhatsApp have 2 numbers on the same Android smartphone
Initially I thought it was OGWhatsApp a particular version of WhatsApp, maybe that would allow advanced personalization or changes to the program WhatsApp for Android. Going to better read the description of the program, I then discovered that in fact OGWhatsApp allows you to have 2 numbers on the same WhatsApp Android smartphone, at the same time.

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ogwhatsapp messenger
In practice OGWhatsApp you can use two numbers on the same WhatsApp Android device. It seems incredible, but there it is!
Honestly, I have not had time to try this OGWhatsApp for Android, but I can tell you that was developed on XDA, synonymous with quality and reliability. The developer claims that by using OGWhatsApp, users can simultaneously use and manage two numbers on the same WhatsApp Android smartphone. I can not tell whether it serves a smartphone dual sim or not for sure, although I think that we need a device that can handle two SIM.

For all the details, however, I refer you to post on XDA, where you can find answers to all your doubts:


The installation and configuration of this program are quite simple:

  • Make a backup of all your messages of WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp reinstall from scratch after you delete it from your smartphone
  • go to / sdcard / WhatsApp and rename the folder so / sdcard / OGWhatsApp
  • launched and installed OGWhatsApp (it is a normal APK files) and check the old number
  • WhatsApp start the classic (the original one) and check the new phone number that you want to use 
  • That would be all. :)

As I said, I have not had time to try the program OGWhatsApp, but everyone talks about it on XDA fine.
Find more details on the official site development: http://ogmods.net/home/OGWApp
At the moment I think this OGWhatsApp is the only software that can allow you to use two numbers of WhatsApp on a single Android device. And the great thing is that, for work, does not even require the root. I recommend you download it and try it now, it seems to work really well.
If you try it, let me know what you think also, because they are not yet able to test it for good.
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Several people have a dual sim android phone and would like to have two accounts whatsapp on their smartphone to operate with two numbers differenti.Adesso all this is possible thanks to the program OGWhatsApp.

Stay tuned and updated on freaksense for more details :)


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