New User Interface, Web App And Flash ‘ Dolphin 10 For Android ‘

Posted on Jun 21 2013 - 12:37pm by Rahul Thial


The new browser version Dolphin 10 for android has a new user interface and adds support for web apps and Flash content.Dolphin 10 for Android

Those who do not possess a smartphone based on Android 4.0 cannot install Chrome, but can choose among several alternatives. One of these is represented by Dolphin, a popular browser for its “frivolity” and for its functionality. From today you can download from the Google Store Play Dolphin 10 introducing a revamped UI, vertical search and Flash support, as well as other features that make it faster and more pleasant browsing online.

  • Dolphin 10 for Android

Dolphin for Android was announced in 2010 and since then the development team continued to add features, responding to user requests. Its popularity has grown to reach the milestone of 80 million installs. To celebrate this achievement, the company has released Dolphin 10. The user interface has been redesigned to simplify access to the various options available. With a single swipe you can display the menu of the browser, the list of tabs open, and access capabilities of the Gesture to create custom gestures (e.g., visit Facebook drawing a F on the display) and Sonar to use the voice search.

The home screen can be populated with bookmarks and the web app available in the new store. You can also organize and access sites with a touch of the fingers, creating over 60 slots (folders). In addition to the classic research on the Web, the latest release of the browser allows you to Search within the app Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, and Amazon. Supports five search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Yandex). Finally, I’ve added support for Flash content. Simply download the Adobe Flash Player app and activate the plugin for all sites or only on request.

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