Marketing Strategy: Using Big Data To Reach Mobile Users

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Big Data To Reach Mobile Users

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A study made by Morgan Stanley states that mobile users and mobile devices will surpass desktop users and desktop unit sales in 2014. Their study also stated that 82% of the mobile media time is spent on downloading and using mobile apps. On the contrary, there are also data stating that when it comes to retail shopping, consumers will purchase through a website using their desktop and just 14% will only browse on the same website using their Smartphone or tablet. The numbers are even low when it comes to mobile apps with just 4% of respondents will choose to shop using mobile apps.

Mobile devices are becoming the primary tool  that we use on a daily basis. Be it entertainment, work and information. If you’re  a company trying  to sell something or a marketer whose job is to sell a product on all mediums, then you may need to focus on your strategies on how to push your wares on the mobile market. Electronic commerce has become a very important and crucial channel to make your sales, but consumers are still not taking advantage  of mobile purchasing. Another issue that retailers experience is that majority of the consumers leaves their website without making any purchase and still prefer their good ol’ desktop and in most cases some retailers are not ready to manage the explosion of mobile generated information and processes.

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Tracking Your Success Through Big Data

You can track the success of your marketing and ensure you’re giving the best experience by taking advantage of big data. Big Data’s definition will depend  on its application. If applied to e-commerce and retail,  Big data can be defined as the merger of combination of multiple and substantial data sources to create new market insights and marketing strategies. Organizations that take advantage of big data analytics will have a better chance of catering to the needs of their customers. Modern consumers want businesses to understand and know their needs. Consumers want to have a certain connection to their trusted establishments. Big data will allow businesses to do that and how to positively influence their customers.

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Ways To Reach Your Target Market

There are several ways of making Big Data Part of your marketing strategy, let’s discuss.

1. Mobile apps. Most mobile apps are just mobile versions of a company’s website. The interface is usually awkward for the customer because the interface does not automatically adjust to the screen of a smartphone or a tablet. They have to click on links and use the search bar on a tiny screen frustrating the customer and as a result, will just leave the site or close the app. If you want your mobile app to reach and engage customers, the website should adopt a responsive design. Customers should be able to access your website across all platforms  without having to frequently adjust the screen size and scroll in all directions to get the information and item that they want to purchase. Big data can also provide predictive search. It will enable the organization to provide a list of suggestions to consumers is looking for based on just a few letters on their search. This will reduce the input time and makes purchase faster.

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2. Geo-specific advertising. This kind of advertising has been around for quite some time. Say, Twitter or Facebook is scheduled to let companies to promote tweets and status messages to anyone who are near specific locations before the year ends. Big data can access the demographic information, social behavior and purchasing patterns to change marketing strategies based on what eh consumer is interested in .

3. Marketers will also benefit from big data analytics because it will allow them to customize their shopping recommendation for all individual customers. By analyzing internet networks and search patterns, a mobile app can know what the customer is searching or looking for on the website using the desktop or tablet. The mobile app can automatically adjust and adapt the landing page to feature the last page or the item the customer was checking on the website.

Modern technology will play a very important role in mapping, monitoring and moulding consumer behaviours. It can also determine where the companies can harness the wealth of data in just a few clicks. Big data  in conjunction with business intelligence can turn your revenues around and bring in the expected return on investment.

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