How To Lock WhatsApp With A Password | Protect Privacy

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How many times it happened with you to have lent your smartphone to a friend and they went right to peep the conversations into WhatsApp or our text messages? For SMS we already reported a great solution to solve the privacy problem related to Outbox and Inbox and today, for completeness of the talk, we’re going to tell you a way to set a password to WhatsApp which has become now one of the main services that users use to keep in touch.

How To Lock WhatsApp With A Password | Protect Privacy

Lock WhatsApp With a Password: How

Since there is no security option in WhatsApp, the only thing to do to protect conversations is to rely on a free application in the Android Store Play:  “WhatsApp Lock: Keep Privacy“. This app adds a vital form of protection for the popular messaging client. You can use it to protect or lock your conversation in WhatsApp with a four-digit PIN, mind you, you can’t deny that it does not get uninstalled!

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When you start “WhatsApp Lock: Keep Privacy” for the first time after it has been installed, you are prompted to choose a four-digit PIN number and confirm the PIN. This PIN is used to protect the WhatsApp application in case anyone wants to open it without permission.

When someone tries to open WhatsApp it displays a dialog box to enter PIN and will only pass if the combination is correct. By default, after you install the app, WhatsApp is immediately locked when you leave but you can change the behavior so that it gets stuck after a certain interval of time that can be set between 1 and 15 minutes.

How To Lock WhatsApp With A Password | Protect Privacy

If someone tries to access WhatsApp and inserts an incorrect PIN, it will take a picture of the offender and save on your phone! Of course this only works if your smartphone or tablet features a front-facing camera. WhatsApp Lock: Keep Privacy is free (with banner) and available in the Google Play Store and is compatible with Android 2.2 and higher.

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