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Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 12:55pm by 0ffliner

When you want to listen to a song on the fly from your computer, the first thing you do is open Youtube and search for them (although there are other good music streaming sites.)

Listen To Youtube Video Running In The Background -For-now-on-you-can-listen-music-for-free-through-YouTube-Music-the-new-online-music-service
You can definitely do the same from your smartphone or tablet, but not is comfortable and, above all, there can be drawbacks if you are using a mobile data connection or 3G.  Buffering of the video can be slow and the audio / video transmission over the Internet consumes a lot of traffic which is not exactly ideal if you have a limited subscription .
Luckily, on Android devices and iPhone you can do an impossible thing, feel free to listen Youtube.
This mode also solves a problem on Android Youtube application, the chance to hear Youtube in the background, without taking the video or the application in the foreground on the screen.
Moreover this mode consumes much less battery power .

With this application you get the double benefit of being able to save on the traffic generated, Since you will only listen to sound, and to be able to hear the music choice in the background while you surf the internet or maybe you are on Facebook, or only for hear streaming music with headphones.

  1.  uListen is probably the  best app to hear only the audio of the Youtube Video. It is ideal to organize and listen to music. uListen allows you to search the database of songs from YouTube and play them in streaming. The songs you like the most can be saved as a favorite and can also be made ​​into a playlist. The nice thing is that you can also search Playlist combined already on Youtube, in order to choose the best of a particular singer’s discography another or the music of a film or a particular genre. During playback of a song, you can also return to the main screen of the phone or listening to Youtube Android tablet in the background. If you then want to see the video, you can touch the camera icon to open the song or the video on Youtube.
  2.  PVSTAR + (YouTube Music Player), which is practically the app to browse and listen to music from Youtube Android. You can search for videos, channels and playlists on Youtube, you can hear the music while keeping the app in the background, turn random play and continuous music and organize your favorite songs. There is also a low quality mode (for slow networks) and you can use a widget to the Android screen. The video will still play with this app, otherwise instead of UListen.
  3. Another alternative application is Youtube Keep Alive, free of charge, much like the official YouTube app except for a substantial difference, allows you to play videos in the background, without having to necessarily see on the screen. Basically it’s useful when you want to listen to only the audio of a video and then, most likely, the music from Youtube. The music stops automatically if you use your phone for incoming calls or made.

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