Latest Apps everyone is talking about and using right now

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Latest Apps everyone is talking about and using right now

Apps is what we are surrounded by all the time  . A lot of apps and the people that make them are in news with the new updates , product launches and acquisitions .

Check out the list of latest apps everyone is talking about nowadays :


ParkMe is an Android , iPhone and web app that help drivers find real-time parking spaces and garages . Last month , ParkMe announced that it is now available in 1,00,000 new Audi vehicles .


Price : Free

Available on : Android , iPhone


Loverly is a wedding planning app that just released a new search feature that has never ever been seen before in the industry . Via this app , Brides can now search by color , category and keyword search . So you can search for example , “mint+décor+vintage” and get some really wonderful ideas.


Price: Free

Available on: iPhone

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Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a highly addictive iPhone game that’s like Bejewled . The difference is that it includes puzzles along with connecting colors . Besides that , the app has aperfect in-app purchase system that will have you begging the game makers to take your money . Candy crush has recently been in the news because the company behind it , King , wants to go public with an IPO .

candy crush

Price : Free

Available for: Android and iPhone


 Chatology is a niche app for the people who instant message often . It is a search engine that helps you to find old messages . Apple’s iMessage search is really buggy so Chatology combines all of your messages in one place making it easy to find exactly what you are looking for .


Price: $20

Available for: Mac

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Feedly is an alternative to Google Reader, which Google killed off this month. It lets you pull in stories from just any news site or blog .


Price: Free

Available for: Android and iPhone/iPad


Tempo is a smart calendar app that helps you prepare for meetings and plan your day better . The app recently announced a $10 million Series A funding round which will help the deveopers improve app’s artificial intelligence .


Price: Free

Available for : iPhone


Uber ia a very popular app that lets you request a car service or taxi on demand .The company has been in the news recently because it ia in the process of raising a new round of financing .If Uber is successful , the company will be valued at more that $1 billion .


Price: Free

Available For : Android and iPhone

Image Courtesy : Business Insider

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