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Posted on Jun 21 2013 - 1:15pm by Rahul Thial


Instagram after its large success on image sharing introduced video enable feature in it , all confirmed. The great idea presented earlier to the Menlo Park Headquarters is the ability to shoot video with Instagram, and with filters and effects by real filmmakers, Flash: 15 seconds. The slogan of Kevin Systrom onstage is “everything you have always loved on Instagram now moves.

After a short introduction by Mark Zuckerberg, always concise, was Systrom, a co-founder of Instagram, a point immediately to the point talking about the reasons that have led to implement the mobile application for excellence acquired by Big F in April 2012. Certainly the numbers are of importance: 130 million users who post and share 16 billions of photos. Now, however, a passage that looks to Vine, in fact goes further:

Instagram video feature

The vision is for us all. And what guides us. Our mission is to capture and share the moments of the world. And we do it every day. We do it because we think that will make the world a better place. We had missed the video because they wanted to focus on speed, simplicity and beauty. But we knew they needed to do for video what we’ve done for photos.

Application news

The new Instagram can be summarized thus: the release of applications for iOS and Android, the time limit of 15 seconds (the minimum is three), 13 video filters and an amazing cinemacalled stabilizer. The application is very intuitive, thanks to the virtually identical except for the new video button, shaped like a camera, just press and hold to turn the smarphone in Instagram-camera, with all the social integration on the platform.

Will not be on Google and nothing glass tags

Systrom during the Conference stated that the application does not look at Google Glass, and has not been designed an app that can run on this device. Also you cannot tag people on video as on the pictures. The technology required is very complicated, but it is not impossible that we will consider in the future».

The reaction to a growing market

Add videos to Instagram was a necessary step for the company, which last year were made ahead, excluded from Facebook feeds, as Vine or Viddy to collect millions of users were dangerously getting a small mania of the stars. These clips a few seconds have become a new language that Facebook could not talk. But now with Instagram videos seem to have others to be suddenly fallen behind compared to consumer video products. In the application there are more customization tools and the ability to turn, potentially, small works of art.

Stay tuned for more news on Instagram and technology .

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