How to protect your company from a cyber-attack

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 3:56pm by 0ffliner

With the very real dangers of hacking, data theft and virus infiltration present throughout the world, not only is it essential for an organization to have fast, effective computer, broadband and networking systems, but to employ highly tuned security programmes too. Email is one of the most used networking systems in every business, and it’s also one of the most at risk of a cyber-attack.

The key to a highly-successful email defence strategy, with minimal chance of damage or infiltration, is to set up a strong network of company-wide security awareness.

How to protect your company from a cyber-attack

“Attackers are increasingly exploiting the softest part of the network, the users, to do their work for them,” UK intelligence expert Nick Stone said to the Guardian.

By establishing a culture of security in the workforce, and not just the IT department, you make a very real difference to your ability to defend against and spot attacks, and ensure that your expensive technical tools are more effective.

Of course, security awareness measures, although acutely important, are not enough when used alone. Inbound and outbound email-borne threats such as malware, phishing, DHA & DdoS attacks, deliberate or accidental data leaks, outages and social engineering attacks can only be truly curbed by incorporating secure anti-threat software into the company system.

Mimecast’s unified email management system has been providing clients and organizations with award-winning email solutions since 2008. Protection against online threats has never been more pertinent to company directors who utilize IT systems extensively on a daily basis.

Mimecast email security has grown with the times to create systems for email security encryption that can be quickly implemented within businesses. With the scope and flexibility to create solutions bespoke to each organization’s specific needs and requirements, each email security package provides the most comprehensive, cloud-based email safety and management solution available on the market today.

Most companies barely give cyber security a second thought. A complex IT system should always be backed up by equally complex and robust safety measures, but with rapidly changing technology, each day presents a new threat to private information and data.

Cyber-crime is a global problem with many offenders, and therefore it poses different complex threats every day. Given the huge number of malicious attacks made on IT systems and email accounts every minute, even huge corporations are afraid of attacks. The Bank of England has openly admitted that protecting the economy against cyber attacks is now their number one security priority.With cyber-crime featuring higher on their radar than the Euro crisis, it’s a stark warning of just how serious these threats can be.

Aside from the obvious plus points of providing a strong security system, Mimecast has outside benefits too. The system works to reduce spam emails with spam blocking and reporting and administers email quarantine.

Backed by stringent security and available service level agreements alongside flexible email encryption options, it’s a cost-effective, secure solution that also promises to be far less complex than any other system on the market.

Cyber security is paramount in 2013 – how would your organization cope with a sudden attack?

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