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There are occasions in which there is the possibility to print a document. Maybe because you do not have the printer, because it is out of ink or because the site from which you want to print does not offer the option to save the document to print it at a later time. If you encounter problems with these you can use a pdf printer .

A PDF printer offers the possibility that a normal document can be printed at a virtual printer which will give the final result a PDF document. Obviously this document can carry it wherever you want, on a USB stick, email it, etc..

As said I will explain how to print a document to a PDF so virtualize your work.

How to use a PDF printer

Before using a printed PDF you must have it of course. One that I highly recommend is doPDF. This program will enable you to obtain excellent results in a very very simple. The modus operandi to print a document to PDF is exactly the same as conventional, except that the result will not be a sheet but it will be a PDF document.

The program can be downloaded from this link -> Download

Installation is simple, it installs like any other program. And after installation completes you will be asked to restart your system.

To print using doPDF will not have to do anything but throw a normal printing action.
When you are asked which printer to use, you will have to click on the PDF printer (doPDF). Once this is done you will see the start of the conversion process in which you will have to choose where to save your document.
This procedure is the same whether you need to print a Word document, or if you need to print a file from the internet. You will not have any problem.

How to have a virtual PDF Printer on Your Computer | doPDF

Convert files to PDF using doPDF

It can also happen that you want to convert your document or your photos to PDF, in this case you can make use of the application doPDF which allows you to select documents for conversion. First you have to open the program doPDF, which surely will be in the menu of your programs. Open the program and then you will be asked to determine the path of the file to convert (N1). After selecting the file, click on Create. The program will start converting the file to pdf.

How to have a virtual PDF Printer on Your Computer | doPDF

Why print to PDF?

  1. It ‘easy and fast – You only need to send a print job as you always have and choose where to save the scanned document.
  2. You will save Sheets, Solid and money – There are many documents that you can avoid printing, you should keep them digitized rather than on paper. You can save so much.
  3. Universal – PDF documents are compatible across the world, now all computers have Acrobat Reader installed.
  4. Share documention – Sharing PDF files is much easier and professional. On the other hand if you have a website or blog, if you share these PDF files will be indexed by Google.

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