How to cut the songs on Android

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Do you want cut a song into a ringtone to use on your smartphone Android but do not want to download programs on your PC? Who told you that you have to do it this way? With the right app, you can download a song directly to your phone and cut it “on the fly” to use it as a ringtone.

cut the songs on Android

If you do not believe me, read the guide on how to cut the songs on Android. I bet you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to create ringtones from scratch doing everything from the screen of your smartphone.

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Before we look in detail at how to cut the songs on Android , you must copy the tracks to phone to turn them into a ringtone. If you have not already done so, know that there are a couple of paths you can go. The first is to download directly to your smartphone to cut the song, the second is a much more classic that is song transfer from PC to phone via USB cable.

If you do not want to use your PC and you have a good Internet connection at your disposal, use the free app MP3 Music Download Free CopyLeft to search for music online and download it directly on the phone’s memory.

If you want to copy on your smartphone some song that you downloaded onto your PC and if your Android Phone supportsMicroSD , you can remove the card from your phone, insert it into an SD adapter. Now  copy  the tracks directly to the memory card using the computer (without physically connecting your smartphone to your PC).

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Cut Songs on Android

Now you’re ready to cut the songs on Android . You should perform that operation via the free app Ringtone Maker Available on Google Play Store. When started, Ringtone Maker will show you a list of all the tracks in the phone’s memory (or memory card inserted in the device). To cut one, presses the icon with the arrow located next to its name and select the item Edit from the menu that appears.

ringtone maker

In the screen that opens, use the two gray indicators that are on the chart to delimit the beginning and end of the portion to be cut .Now press the button with the icon of the floppy disk to save your ringtone. Then select the type of song you want to save from the menu drop down (in addition to the ringtone ,you can choose generically music or alarm for the alarm or notification to create a notification sound). Type the name you want to assign to the song and press the button Save to complete the operation.

ringtone maker

After you save the ringtone, you can choose to set it as the default to use it once , assign it to a contact specific or share it via e-mail by pressing the relevant buttons. 

Now enjoy your favourite songs as ringtones on Android !

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