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Posted on Jan 5 2014 - 8:04pm by Rahul Thial

Not only battles strokes app, smartphones and operating systems. Google and Apple have found a new area in which to challenge. It is the automotive industry, since the two groups, leader of the ‘ hi-tech , look at the segment of the four wheels as a new source of opportunity for their services.

The car is becoming the latest ” mobile “app to use with live, mobile services integrated into the browser, and connectivity while driving.

Google and Apple Working On Driver less Car

google and apple


Google and Apple Are Working On Many Electronic Gadgets

Google and Apple are already looking for allies and their plans will be described next week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, first date technology of the new year.

Google and Audi, the German group will announce their collaboration to develop systems of information and entertainment for the car and based on Android and, according to the “Wall Street Journal”, the two companies will unveil the efforts being made ​​by other companies-including the producer of Nvidia chip – to make Android technology prince of the vehicles of the future.

Google, who first attempted the enterprise to Realize That the car drives itself, would, thus, Respond to the Initiatives presented by Apple last June, according to Functional Which the control panels of the car are integrated with the iPhone and other devices with iOS.

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Till date, Apple has the support of BMW, Daimler, General Motors and Honda.

Apart from the common project with Google, Audi will present at CES also technologies that allow cars to drive themselves in certain situations and for a short period of time. Ford, however, should present an autonomous vehicle and BMW has invited the press to a demonstration that calls the same concept.

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