10 Ways To Get Free Traffic Online On Your Site

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Getting traffic to your website is one of the most important task for a web master. Its important to understand that this is a job that requires perseverance and patience to bring good fruits. Below we provide some tips on how to get a good traffic for free.

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Get Free Traffic Online On Your Site

1. Optimize your website for search engines

Search engines have always been the important channel to get free traffic. For this you must strive to optimize your website so that it gets a good index for the keywords that you fixed. The SEO continues to be the best possibility to get traffic for free, this implies that it is necessary to devote time and effort to optimize your site.

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2. Updates the contents of your website.

There are no great secrets nor secret formulas particularly for getting good traffic. one of the first steps to get free traffic to your website is to create interesting content and constantly update it. In this way, not only you get a loyal audience of visitors who frequently come to your site to read the news, but in the same way it will form part of a channel preferring to search engines.

3. Take advantage of social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking sites, especially the most popular Twitter, Digg, Pinterest are another tool to get free traffic. It is a type of social media that allows you to store, classify and share links, specialized services in different areas, votes and comments, automatic notifications, rss, creating groups, and social networks. Being classified in these sites is now of paramount importance which give you success.

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4. Use your Facebook and Twitter Profile.

Social networks are another important way to get free traffic. If you have reached a certain popularity on Facebook or Twitter, you can easily make the traffic higher than that achieved by the search engines. Of course it is essential to reach this significant investment of time, however the results will be definitely worth it.

5. Get links from other sites within your industry.

Additional option of obtaining free traffic is through the “backlinking” from other websites within your area of interest. This is also important in terms of SEO, especially if you get links without the attribute “nofollow“. If you can put your link in a strategically visible within a web with a high volume of traffic, you will get thousands of hits from just this. In any case backlinks should be carefully placed on the sites because a site with a good reputation online could give the opposite effect.

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6. Take advantage of every possibility to promote your site for free.

The free promotion is always welcome, do not ever refuse. There are many ways of promotion such as free classified ads, inclusion in databases or lists of businesses, etc.. It ‘s true that not all free ways of promotion are equally effective, but selecting the right ones definitely get good results in terms of traffic.

7. Offer some product or service free of charge.

Your content bring more traffic when you offer something useful for free. There are various types of free content you can offer and this depends largely on your market segment. You can provide articles with tips, mini guides, etc.. but definitely the best way to get traffic is to give away a product or service online. When this product or service becomes known, and users begin to visit this section of your website, automatically increase the probable visits to other sections of your page.

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8. Use viral content.

Viral content is like a virus among the users: when users like your content, they send it to friends, and make post on other sites which promote it for free in many different ways. The viral content gets automatically distributed. The only task is to create it and place it in some very popular web, for users to collect and distribute it for you. A viral content can be a video or a slide show, and also a good article or picture.

9. Use the off-line promotion.

This often left aside, but offline promotion is another way to get free traffic to their site. Offline promotion is still very powerful, if you are able to use it can reflect many visitors. Some forms of promotions are offline, for example the introduction of the website on a business card or in the gadget business, means of transport business in merchandising with the company logo. All this will bring more popularity to your brand and to your internet site and possibly will make you get more online traffic.

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10. Include your URL in your signature.

The URL in the signature is certainly another form of getting traffic for free. There are forums with millions of visitors per day. If you are able to get some popularity on the forums we can use it to redirect the traffic to our website. When you insert a post in a forum like this certainly increases the possibility that users  click on our signature or URL for more information about you. Rarely you can insert links to internal pages of our website because this is almost never allowed.

Bottom Line

How to get traffic for free is a very vast subject and you can not enter all the possibilities that exist in only one post. Anyway, knowing and applying correctly these main techniques listed above can get a good amount of traffic to our website.

If you have already experienced one of these techniques successfully and want to share this experience, or just want to express an opinion as to how to get free traffic online, you can do so by leaving a comment below.

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