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Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 1:25pm by 0ffliner

Really interesting and innovative projects developed with Google Maps that allow anyone to follow the flight routes scheduled in real time with all the details.

This makes a certain impression because everything is in real time, so if I am in a plane that goes to Paris, you could follow the route from your computer (if there were network inside the ship.)
Even better then, if a friend or relative is to take a plane, I could check from my computer where it is and when it left, and maybe when you get to pick it up in airport at the right time. Anyways, without always look for a practical use, follow the travel flight routes on Google Maps is a new thing which can amaze you.

To see the paths of the planes in real time on the map, the best website is Flightradar24 showing the routes and travel to all aircraft of Europe.
Aircraft which are monitored here are those that have a sensor ADS- and B are marked with a yellow icon.
When you open the site, you will see the sky covered by planes and can be difficult to find their way out of what you want to check.
You can then go to the filters that are located on the right side of the page and write the flight number in the field call signs.
To see such planes as RyanAir just write code RYR.
You can also view only specific aircraft detected by radar or by altitude or speed. Airplane are available for each model information, the company air and on the cruising speed.

PlaneFinder is a web application that shows the routes of the aircraft in Europe, in Italy and around the world, from all airports. For each plane, you can click and see the information on the aircraft, where started, signaling the altitude, speed, and also the route followed on the map. It’s nice to see the planes move in real time, step by step, making even zoom in on Google Maps. PlaneFinder also exists as an app for iPhone, Android and other phones and smartphones. For each plane there is a photo and an indication of the model.

To expand a bit vision of air traffic, however, you must go on the website Radar Virtuel that signals the position and route of aircraft flying above some states of the world and that they are departed from airports in Italy, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, Cyprus, Romania, the United States, Canada, Brazil and South Africa. This time, the data are derived and are shared on the Internet from an ADS-B receiver. Here there are no pictures but, for each airplane, you may know the flight number, where started, where it is going , what company, all the speed and position data and route. The data are not exactly in real time, are delayed by 4 minutes, and traces the routes cover only the last 30 minutes. To view this site better, it is recommended to use a browser Firefox, Chrome or Opera (not Internet Explorer).

The Italian website FlightAware lets you search for a flight by number or by the airline and see every detail on its position, time of departure and arrival, and even if a flight is canceled.

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