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Posted on Jun 17 2013 - 7:10pm by 0ffliner

Don’t You want to have at your disposal a Youtube video on the homescreen of your Android device? Well then PopUp Player for YouTube Float is the app for you: the feeling is that of true multitasking!

Using this little app for Android you can have at your disposal a small window (you can move), which will allow you to “float” a Youtube video on your homescreen, which can also be run while you carry out other tasks.

Popup player for youtube float

Clearly the Youtube will remain floating window always on top (this app is suitable for the tablet or Smartphones with display big enough), and will continue playing the video even when the screen of your device will be locked. PopUp Player for Youtube Float also allows you to use search and play videos most viewed of the day. You can also view videos in HQ, hide the program or remove the audio using the handy function key.

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Clearly the performance and sensitivity of your device may be affected by the use of PopUp Player for Youtube Float more or less, depending on the power of your own device.

NB: while the app is running the screen of the device will not be locked automatically.

You can download PopUp Player for Youtube Float for Android (2.2 or higher) using the Link below.

Download Here

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