First Official Announcement About Moto X Phone: A Smartphone ” Designed By You “

Posted on Jul 4 2013 - 5:28pm by 0ffliner

Motorola has changed course since it became a member of the Google family. After it baptized a new logo and variously colored, the winged House shows us now what is the first and true official announcement regarding the Moto X Phone, the smartphone that many hi-tech enthusiasts have been waiting for some time and we talked about many, many times. Moto X Phone will arrive this fall but still we do not have a smartphone: official image is not leaked anything throughout this time and the aura of mystery around the Moto X thickens. But let’s focus on the ad because it highlights an important aspect that will most likely be the real news of Google’s new smartphone and Motorola: Moto X Phone will be “designed by you” reads the slogan, but what it mean?

In recent months we have often heard that the Moto X Phone could even be customized by users in terms of hardware before being purchased. We have already denied these rumors, so it is more natural to think that the customization will most likely be aesthetic. Maybe Google and Motorola will create a product with an amazing array of colorful variations (but this does not seem a novelty since already there we talked about) or at the time of purchase will also provide cover of various colors to “customize” your Moto X Phone. If we reflect a little ‘carefully perhaps this assumption is not to be discarded. The new logo of Motorola has become very colorful and who knows if those we see in the image representative of the Motorola brand is not just the colors that the company will make available to the ‘ user.

Moto X Phone - A Smartphone Designed By You

Hidden Message in ” Designed by You ” Photo

Another important thing, in my opinion, relates to the fact that perhaps Google and Motorola have hidden a message here. We know that Moto X Phone will come in the fall, but announcement date is still not revealed. Then look at the boy and the girl jumping, together form a “XI” representing the number 11 and could indicate the eleventh month of the year — November — or, as in America, the date “10/01” and we all know that in America the month precedes the day. 1 October, therefore according to this data October is a month of great surprises for the hi-tech world. Of course I would like to stress that these are personal guesses and could be denied to large or Google and Motorola really wanted to leave us a message deliberately not too obvious.

The time will give us the answer but now it is certain that Moto X Phone is very close and it testifies to the fact that the announcement was released today in July editions of The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

Source: NYT

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  1. gursimran July 4, 2013 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    Are you sure this is an official announcement because i have read from that its a rumor.

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